I have in recent times been asked why we do not have as many people on here as we have in the past.

Social Blogs obviously have a different role to play in the  "orf seezun" and of course when we have  rampant discussions on very public events we really go beserk.

In the past 12 months or so we have discussions on Climate Change, Bushfires and now social unrest that have gone completely over the top!

I am not saying we should not comment on such but it is the same people making the same point just about every time. Obviously their personal politics become the overider but maybe we should have a self imposed rule of asking yourself when you post, "have I already made this point in a previous one".

I am saying this because it has become over the top when I look at the activity page and 90% is the same discussion by the same people expressing the same views that we can all predict before they even post.....there is not a lot of open minded people here!

The point of this site to me living in Qld is that it updates me on Parramatta happenings and gives me contact with Parra supporters....it has always been relativly enjoyable with the banter, comedy and I accept some important "current news items" just wish to remind peeps that it is still a  "Parra site" .

There seems to be enough happening in NRL to continue to make it interesting.

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  • Poppa, we could reverse the burden of proof here? When is not enough too little? The social blogs of course witness a clash of positions that reads relatively polarized, due I'm sure to both entrenched political ideologies but also the limitations of online forums (the diminishing returns to having any nuance in short posts left behind by 20 other posts). But so what? Where, ultimately, is the advantage of curtailing social discussion? Once you start restricting social discussion, where does it go and who likes it? Ironically, the left and the right end up converging at this point. Each has different discussion items they prefer to give air time to and each has different tolerances for what they're prepared to hear, but collectively neither wants to become Iran, or China. Neither wants to live in a country defined by severely restricted freedom of speech and association. Each would prefer to haggle it out  

    Thus, overall, just let it roll. Every social blog flames out eventually. The issue cycle moves on. Everyone is free to not click on a blog. And everyone is free to sanction each other, saying when they think a point goes too far or when they think a point is total BS. Again, what kind of society do people want to live in? One that lets differences be aired without the consequence of war and repression, or one that violently suppresses as first instinct? One that encourages open discussion and asks everyone to give civility a go even when dissenting, or one that fear any internal dissent and shuts it down by reflex? I may not like some of the racist or sexist or banal conspiratorial or factually ridiculous positions some amongst my fellow Eels maniacs take, and I'm not a shrinking violet so I bite back. And I know full well others find me pretty annoying on multiple levels. But I also know the online banter goes no further. I know how happy I would be to cheer next to them at a game (when that can happen again). I know I'd be happy to meet many of them and have a laugh about the online hatred. I think everyone knows it's ultimately all good. 

    • Well said.

      Kudos on this post 

      • Poppa, lets take Frank as an example. Let's imagine me meeting Frank. Frank wants to kick me as an annoying git but I appease him by buying him a drink. Then I roll my eyes at almost everything he says, but Frank refrains from kicking me because at least I'm a fellow Eels tragic; and also, Frank intersperses his conspiracies with some interesting observations I actually think are apt. 

        That is the glue of our collective social bonds at work. When a society encourages discussion between even opposed sensibilities, that society reminds us that even our critics are in our boat. Sometimes even little things like supporting the same tragic footy team are more than just happenstance islands of agreement, and instead they remind us that we may share things even with our critics. 

        • Dazza, hows it been going coordinating ANTIFA chapters for the riots and looting?

          You must be pooped?


    • Agree.

      And lets not forget we are living through incredible times at present - 2020 will be a year that we will all be talking about for many, many years to come - and not just because the mighty Parramatta Eels won the comp :)

  • Why don't you put your hand up to be a moderator Pop?

    • Adam, if I was a moderator I don't think I would say anymore than I just have...i did talk about "self imposed"

      The other thing with your suggestion about me being a moderator would have sent shudders through some people that would be horrified by the thought.... 

      My mind is always open and I can listen too both sides of an argument/discussion just the same. Being an ex police officer Adam....I know you were a good one by the way, makes you aware you cannot moderate idiocy...(not applicable in this discussion) the only thing I would tend to change would be situations where a poster is attacked and not equipped to respond or deserving of such a situation.

      I have no doubt we have lurkers and the like that read these blogs but who would not dare to discuss the alternatives because they may feel intimidated. I think as a moderator I would tend to play divisions.

      Maybe Frankie Fong and me could do it as a team.....that way we would entertain everyone! Lol

      • Ive no doubt even super is fed up with your nonsense sloppa, i dont believe he would ever be so stupid as to give you any type of power, you fekking peanut.


        • Snake having the shamless one as a moderator would cause more chaos than a Steve Sharp business plan and Brad Arthur game plan combined . 


  • Haha Pops you're too funny

    You take a pot shot at people for their repetitive posts.

    Isn't that the pot calling the kettle?

    If I see Nursee Nursee one more time on here I'll smash this phone with a sledge hammer.

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