I originally wrote this as a post reply to Tad who has been such a valiant warrior for all things good.

I said I wouldn't get involved in these debates because of the way opinions become polarised.

"In reading your last post you made me think because you mentioned capitalism needing to adapt and Scientists to integrate with politics" This motivated me positively Tad to maybe help summarise the issues.

The way I see this is that Capitalism, socialism, activism, climate change, politics and god knows what else are all combinations that fit into a melting pot and this  results  and then provide's EVOLUTION.

That word causes all sorts of issues when mentioned because of religious conatations and its origin of the planet implications.

The reality is that evolution is the result of the most efficient product, process and life form. Something that is indisputable because no matter how we got/get there it is the result that has come from evolving matters. Many non evangelical Christians would for example accept that Evolution was God's way in the origin of everything...... lets not go there in this instance!

It seeems to me as this planet heads to 10 billion plus people in the current century that this evolutionary process will be seriously effected.

The results will only satisfy the survivors, the non survivors will reflect in the dust of past empires.

I am a person that has great empathy with anything trying to survive and doing its best. I also get frustrated with fools and political correctness, not to mention a media that seems so fixated on the meanderings of a 16 year old girl that has been held out as some sort of example of childish innocence, is more valuable than any scientific conclusion.

Lets summarise that this is now best left to evolution and the influence of so many people that think they are doing the right thing.

I am not bright enough yet to figure out any evil agenda but I am half smart enough to rationalise we cannot support populations much in excess of 10 billion given current resources. It seems that sometimes we need to take two steps back before the next one forward.

I think we are at that time now and lets hope that Evolution takes us in the most efficient route.....it probably won't take much notice of the empathetic on the way through, which will break a lot of hearts.

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  • Reading this makes my head hurt.

    • Gee.... and I thought I had simplied everything LOL

  • Hi Poppa hope you had a good Christmas. Heavy subject to be talking about this week, but it is a good topic that builds on many other discussions around similar subjects. I noticed Chocolate Frog often refers to realities mad out of fantasy by those who shape reality. The dominant forces of power shape evolution and it is Darwinian.Survival of the fittest. Capitalism is pretty cut-throat with one goal in mind --profit in the material sense. There are some entrepreneurs who do have a strong social conscience and are trying to create an ethos around a business with a strong ethical conscience. Whether they can make a dent in the survival of the fittest economic brutality is an upward battle. 





    Where is Capitalism the way it is now taking us? Where will it end? Who will have the guts and goodwill to make the change?

    • You have identified "capitalism in two ways Tad, maybe a few but the winner has to be the most efficient and cannot be identified by judgement....it really is a hindsight assesment.

      I could give an opinion on the potential of that assesment, but to do so would change the "reason" behind the blog.....which primarily is to say.....we don't know how it will evolve and who in turn will survive.

      If the good are the survivors Tad, you should rest easily....you will make it my friend. "Me" who knows but Ilive with myself comfortably as "an old arrogant prick" 

      PS We have to get balance from somewhere and you will always know where I stand, there a few people around you would have no idea of what their agenda's are.

      • are you optimistic Poppa with the evolution of capitalism to address the environmental concerns for the future. Will it get worse.? Does capitalism as a system need to evolve to address the damage and can you see it as a system that

        will address these concerns?

        • Sorry Tad, read again what I said, i am not talking about the evolution of capitalism but the evolution of all systems as they come together, survival of the fittest was your words the first time and my direct meaning of the likely outcome, which is unknown.

      • If you think you are an arrogant old  prick mate you are giving a lot of power to others to make you feel that way 

        • Wake up Tad

        • Ah! Power in this situation I have, we have none....we are just opinion grabbers on a social media platform empowered to do nothing.

          People like Snake and the other "warriors" actually think they have power, there is none really, its just a case of how interesting and lateral you can make the thinking and the opinions.

          I love philosophy as you do to.....but that old picture of "homer Simpson's dad" shaking his fist at the clouds is about as much power as I have.

          • Poppa probably the only place we have real power is in the choices we make in our heads.Cost benefit analysis maybe?  We all struggle with those choices and many are not easy to do in an undisciplined mind.Fitness applies to the body as well as to the mind. Lots can be learned from the masters of mental fitness.I tried that in my early 20,s with meditation .I struggled with that and lost that fight and like most got into impulse mental engagement. Good karma environment is much easier to handle.

            World power is heavily concentrated in social economic structures where concerns are mainly about material return. That power culture probably is impossible to shift.and the evolution will continue with environmental issues being the cost. Basicall a  evolutionary competition between material wealth versus mental wealth. Easy to see which way things are going

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