This post was compiled by my wife Karen...she is a member of this site and works as a volunteer for Rural Aid...a not profitable organisation that has the good intention of helping Australian farmers.

She originally wrote this approximately 6 months ago..


We are now in the 21st century and for more than the the last 100 years we have been suffering floods and droughts that destroy our beautiful land. In the late 1930s Bradfield came up with a scheme to drought proof this land that will assist in flood mitigation.

Why has not this been looked at and tinkered with to come up with a successful plan that will turn the interior of this land into the salad bowl of the world.

Finances seems to be a problem, let’s forget about a surplus in the budget for a couple a decades and work on building a series of dams and canals that will enable the greening of our interior to produce more useable land for our farming needs. The way we are currently going the outback land will be bought by overseas investors who’s only interest is their own piece of this land and bugger the rest I.e. Cubby Station the largest station of its type now owned by Chinese interests.

We need to do this NOW not tomorrow not next week but NOW.

We may  go into debt to build the nessasary infrastructure.

Yes I know a lot will disagree but once we have tamed this land the profits will be many fold, imagine the markets for top quality crops and meats that could be grown under the best practice's used by our farmers. Employment would increase dramatically with the workers required to work the process. The Murray Darling system would become the trunk of this scheme delivering water to the current waste land our farmers are dieing for.

The building of dams on the rivers on the top end ,which every year seem to be in flood, could store the water, a series of canals or pipes linking these to current creeks and rivers, which are usually dry, would enable the transfer of water to the Darling system which would rush down and clear out the Murray.

With this system we could green 4 states, think of the produce that could be grown.

Better brains than mine should be working on this now. To quote Dorothy McKeller "Our Sunburnt Land" could become the oasis of the Southern Hemisphere also helping in reducing the green house gases with the natural method of photosynthesis, this also assistinging the feeding of our ever rising population not only Australian but the world.

We have the resources to discover the answers. Instead of paying $12000 per farmer they in turn will be paying taxes and be the productive people they want to be.

Also energy could be produced from hydro electric systems that can be used in conjunction with the dam's solving some of our ongoing power problems.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for green energy but until we can produce and store it, it will never be the answer to our problems.

Using the current system, like in South Australia, we will have massive blackouts and essential services that resort to  power which uses fuel to run.

I think we all  agree  this is not acceptable.

Until green power is perfected we should not persist with the government financial support but instead look at clean burning coal, gas and hydro.

In summary Dam's are the answer to many of the questions posed, we need to DO THIS NOW.

References to Bradfield are available through Google and he outlines his plans in a much more detailed fashion


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  • Poppa,we have to many liberal lefties and greenies running our bureaucracy to expect to much ,the majority of the population want the dams built but many politicians don’t .a mining company wants to build a mine to supply coal to South Korea,a liberal government says no ,so far from liberal conservative government of the sixties and seventies,the negativity of governments today nearly blows my mind.

    • My wife agrees with you and thanks you for the moral support.

      PS That South Korea decision is mind boggling for the reasons given!!!!

  • Poppa, this is an interesting theory, and while I am far from an expert on it, I recently did some reading on Bradfields plan, and I'm pretty sure there have been modern scientific studies into it that have basically said, economic costs aside, it simply won't work. I'll see if I can track down the info.

    • Yes Milky, I think there were theories along those lines, especially in its early phases of study. Governments did some feasability and said to hard.

      I think it now falls into a "will and way" type project.....that's still seen as too hard with no quick fixes....long term vision is not one of governments strong points with 3 and 4 year election cycles.

      • The Bradfield project should be seen along the same lines as the snowy hydro scheme, which would have never been built today with current policies or economic costs but look what it achieved. But before it gets built there's lots of things that need to be cleaned up first such as over allocation and illegal pumping from the rivers, ban floodplain harvesting as there would be no need for massive on farm storages with a reliable flow and ensure that the water reaches the bottom of the darling River so that the Bradfield water is not just used for QLD and Northern nsw irrigators. 

        • Yes, it has to get into the Murray, that has to be a given.

    • Meelk they said the same thing about C Y O’Connor when he proposed the Perth to Kalgoorlie pipeline to water the Goldfields.

      He was hounded by doomsayers so severely that he eventually committed suicide just days before the water flowed.

       The doomsdayers believed the plan would not work and would not deliver water. They hounded the man and Resorted to private issues of infidelity to attempt to stop him

      The whole scenario sounds familiar doesn’t it. Minority’s trying to force their views 

  • I was speaking to a lady who deals with mining leases and licenses.100's of requests a day land on her desk looking to mine around the Murray Darling. Nearly all these are from Chinese interests.

    Not sure our government would be making the correct decisions around water licenses with  the possibility of large mining royalties available.

  • This is a very good article well written with a view to solve a real problem with common sense. This is not the ravings of an activist but a common sense approach to a real problem 

    The suggestion that it is worth creating a deficit for is smart. Money has never been cheaper worldwide so there has never been a better time to borrow for infrastructure 

    • My wife is a much more pleasant than me JE and she will love your praise......

      PS From what I am told everyone is more pleasant than me LOL

This reply was deleted.

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