An open letter to Super and some apologies

Super, I've never made any complaints about the running of the site before, but my recent ban was just another sign of the total mis-management of this site recently. I received no warning, no advice of the reason or length of the ban (other than a Whatsapp from HOE only after I asked him what the hell was going on), I was given no right of reply and despite sending you 2 emails during my ban I've not received a single response from you. Piss poor is an understatement.

Now I'd like to offer 2 apologies - Snake, I apologise for using such nasty language to you. I understand now that I shouldn't swear in front of children so I'll refrain from doing so from now on. Frankie Fong, I apologise for calling you a myth on multiple occassions. I see from Muttman's responses to you during my ban that I was wrong to call you a myth, it seems a lying fraud would be much more appropriate!!

There's my apologies, that's about it, there's nothing more to apologise for. As for the threat to Snake, it wasn't a threat, I promise I would knock anyone out who is disrespectful and derogartory to my Wife and I stand by my threat 100%. I dare anyone on this site to condone Snakes childish activity and the subsequent crap he went on with. Here's the actual facts as they happened:-

  • I ignored Snake and his mates all day prior to my ban. There was welll over a dozen memes and messages that I just didn't respond to, as well as Snake posting memes on my homepage comment wall that I kept deleting. I took the advice of Acme and a couple of others saying don't be a moron by responding to moron's. It was good advice I should have heeded long ago.
  • Snake must have been so pissed at not getting a response from any of his baiting during the day that he had to stoop to a new level - he made a derogatory post directed at my Wife
  • Now I see Snake has defended himself as usual in a couple of comments about me getting upset over a simple Bunnings sausage meme. Now what he hasn't elaborated on or re-posted is the comment he made with the meme along the lines of remembering when I proposed to Mrs Brissy at Bunnings, Gympie. Now I've rebuked the Bunnings thing multiple times, I do not work at Bunnings and have nothing to do with selling timber - the morons keep ignoring that and perpetuating that lie with their stupidity. Now Snake also knows I do not live at Gympie, he didn't need to mention Gympie at all, the only reason he did was to be derogatory with the common theme that Gympie is full of rednecks. He was so desperate to get a bite he stooped that low - complete low-life gutter scum.
  • Now after that post I told Snake in no unertain terms it wasn't appreciated and also sent him a pm telling him to F-off and that I'd love to knock him out. I still stand by that statement.
  • After sending the pm to Snake I sent a Whatsapp to HOE asking for an interpersonal ban to be imposed with Snake. I'd started to ignore him and he stooped to a new low so that was it, the only course of action left was to simply get HOE and Super to tell him to just ignore me. I was quite happy to ignore him.
  • Upon being advised of the interpersonal ban, Snake's 1st response was to immediately abuse me, he couldn't last 1 minute of the ban and should have been pulled up over it and banned but nope, he's left to just breach it straight away. Sorry but that's complete BS from Super and HOE
  • After HOE posted the official interpersonal ban blog, Snake immediately starts whingeing and carrying on about being not allowed to contact me. He also writes this gem "I really didnt want to be forced into playing this game, but was given only one option, so sadly a trump card had to be used, i never wanted to play, that unfortunately is a lot worse than a gentle bit of banter with a picture of a sausage.Theres a lesson in this." So the bloke that has constantly been playing games and posting probably over a hundred memes and gifs in response to my comments didn't want to play games??? Seriously delusional. Also note the complete disregard for the comment he made about my Wife - it's just gentle banter with a picture of a sausage - no, Snake, it's not you lying prick.
  • After attacking me for being a baby and a sook for asking for an interpersonal ban, Snake then apparently goes to Super and sends him my pm because he was so scared of my threat to knock him out and asks for me to be banned. What a child. All you had to do was ignore me, you can't, you're a sociopath. So I get banned for being attacked - yep I'm the victim, Snake - and the instigator of the trouble continues to post, and he's still posted some more smart arse comments about me during and after my ban.

Of course Fong jumps into HOE's interpersonal ban notice blog defending Snake as he always does with blind stupidity and asks why haven't I been banned for using language like "you f-ing moron" and others, some which were complete lies as usual from Fong the Fraud and taken out of context. Now this is where it goes from funny to beyond ridiculous. See the comments Fong wanted me banned for were quotes he took from an argument I'd had with PT47. Now a few weeks ago Snake attacked me because I told PT47 that someone making a stupid comment was stupid. Yep, the sites moral compass was disgusted I called PT47 stupid. Now fast forward to during my ban and the hilarity really starts. PT47 upsets quite a few people and there's plenty of arguing. Fong resurrects his "proof is in the pudding" blog saying how I'm the problem and there's no arguments while I'm not around - more lies about Bunnings and complete BS because there were plenty of arguments - and his comment again stating there's no issues when I'm not around appears in the middle of dozens of comments arguing with PT47. Foot in mouth from the Fraud.

Strangely enough, after again doubling down on how peaceful the site is and I'm the problem, within minutes of that comment Fong the Fraud is in supporting Snake in the battle with PT47 posting several personal attacks of his own as well - now remember, Snake was so offended with me calling PT47 stupid a few weeks ago that he felt the need to attack me and his mates jumped in - yet I see Snake writes a long winded attack on PT47 and calls him "a c..t and a trouble maker". The Fraud then jumps in with a few comments (of course he doesn't call out Snake for that disgusting language, remembering he wanted me banned for saying "f-ing moron") and tells PT47 to put a new tampon in and settle down - wow, you dead set can't make this shit up!!!!! Fong the Fraud has again been a total hypocrite and then puts his foot so far into his mouth that if he wiggled his toes he'd scratch his arse cheeks!!!

Super, this site needs some serious attention as far as trolls and trouble makers go. What Snake and a few of his mates fail to understand is that when someone makes a broad statement that is clearly factually incorrect that is not an opinion. My opinion is anyone doing that has NFI and is stupid or whatever else I have called them - that's an opinion on a statement. Yet Snake reckons everyone is entitled to an opinion - and promptly ignores my opinion to attack me and says nothing about the factually incorrect statement that I've responded to. So he's guilty of doing exactly what he claims I do. Hypocrisy, where has Snake been named a moderator to tell people what they can and can't say and in the meantime carries on far wrose that what I ever have. I accept I've probably gone too far at times, but the blinding stupidity of some posters is not something that I alone have had a go at them about, yet Snake has never attacked anyone else making the same remarks as me, or even worse ones. Hypocritical child. I read with interest the blog about Hooper and Maroon while I was banned - Hooper has been rightly called out for being a moron and a bully for continually attacking Maroon over something that Maroon has constantly denied and Maroon finally snapped - hello??? This is the EXACT same situation as what I face on here with Snake, Fong the Fraud and Co. I do not work at Bunnings and have told them that many times. I have also told Snake I don't appreciate the stupid memes and gifs but he/they keep(s) posting them. He is tone deaf to any common sense. A sociopathic child.

Super, I honestly reckon there's a heap of people that read this site and want to have some input but they are scared to because it's become a site where negativity is the go and anyone posting something remotely positive will be attacked and ridiculed by the prevalent trolls. You have lost a tonne of quality posters because of it and even Muttman has questioned the sites direction recently and threatened to leave, which would be a terrible shame. I'd implore you not to delete this blog (in fact there is no reason to as it is 100% truth) and not close it either. I would strongly suggest you use this as an opportunity for those many people I believe read the site but are too scared to post to actually have a voice - let them tell you what they really think of the site as is, the direction it's heading and what changes they believe would need to be made for them to start contributing. The site needs a major overhaul that's for sure and certain.

Snake and Fong the Fraud, do not respond to this blog. What I have stated is 100% the truth - it's undeniable and all there in black and white - and exposes you blokes as the petulant little bitches you are. By all means go and whinge about me in the Cupboard or if you really need to, start a blog about me in the Social Blogs. I won't be responding to you as I've proven I'm right about my assessments of you beyond a shadow of a doubt. But here's another warning for you - be very, very careful what you say about me because the precedent has been set by Snake in seeking my ban. Despite being in the wrong and abusing me as some childish sook for daring to ask for him to simply not contact me, the little bitch then has a whinge to Super - you know, something you both have stated is the cardinal sin on the site, you don't take things to Super asking for bans. Again, can't follow your own advice you hypocritial children.

To those of you that have had no or little input, or those that share some concerns about the direction of the site, hopefully this might be the perfect opportunity to give Super some feedback as to what the perceived issues of the site really are. Post away.

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  • Maybe Elon Musk could buy 1EE, he'd fix it

  • 10471773294?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • As a very rare poster but avid follower, Banning Brissy was the right move moderation of the site was spot on

    Mods you have my vote

    • So you're OK with members here personally attacking other members family? You'd have no problem with me saying something derogatory about your partner? OK. You should post more often, you'd fit right in at the moment.

      • Mate you asked for others opinions, it might be best for your own well being to just not post,

        • I looked at your profile and for someone that rarely posts I suspect yours is a sleeper account, steve, set up by someone that does not want to be identified....I do not believe Snake has sleeper accounts, plenty of mates who might help out but it does only add to Brissy's frustration....past this current discussion it seemed be a common theme that we want Brissy to stay on the site.....I think we all agree that brissy has been baited and in the process make's himself his own worst enemy.....this said Brissy is back, it is what we all wanted and if he is going to have interactions with other members and you don't like that, to quote Frank the Tank, just skip over it.

          You should delete this whole blog Brissy as soon as you feel you have made your points/views understood......acceptance of same is always going to be with the witholder and I believe you will get more respect that way.

          • Hahahaha wrong again mate

            • Why is that funny? I'm not your mate, have I ever spoken to you before? Open your page to all the members unless you have something to hide, celeb maybe?

          • Pops, i have zero/no/none other accounts here, never have had even one, so youre totally incorrect, 100% wrong.

            I know plenty of others thatr have had them, but ive had none, thats a fact, so youre accusing a poster above of being me and youre wrong.

            I reckon a few of you older qlders have a few though over the years, incxluding you posting under your mrs account whgen banned

            • Snake I remember warning you about a new member that you sided with that had a puppet account when he joined that I called him out for..... he is still here and is to this day still a pest.

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Brissy Snake

Oh another brissy snake waste of space blog, off to tct we go to read some footy not not days of our lives.  What a shame a few jokers who care more about their own feelings and ruin a good supporters site.  Good to see some snake comments though…

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