Winning Ugly...I don't like it either!

We all know and understand it but we don't readily accept it.....I could very easily take the tact of rubbishing todays effort but too many  are doing that, so I decided to look at things a little bit more optimistically.

Lets see if we can make that glass half full!

Bulldogs beat Newcastle last week and are not the worst side in the comp....Everyone will tell you there are no easy games in the NRL. Bulldogs always feel they have a game to beat  Parra and fundamentally they are right. I am sure when they play us  they have more confidence than other games against top teams.

Positives were the way we constructed the first three tries......we also held them out for the last 20 minutes which was gutsy....and beat a series of six agains against us when there was no apparent difference in our position in the rucks, it was like the ref refused to recognise our line speed.

I would also note that the first try that the dogs scored was after pushing Fergs back and forcing a drop out.....there was no way the dogs were onside when that happened.

Finally we now have had Moses back for two games and he is still finding rythmm.... I suspect we are not going to have his running game until he regains more confidence in his calf. Our other forwards that we have had out were in need of a run and we had no apparent injuries..... Ryan Matterson safely home in bed. 

RCG and Paulo continue to impress and Evans looked sound although underdone when he came on. 

The  other things  we have still not been able to address  is that we are having trouble adjusting to inconsistent interpretations of these rules,  catcher's being in the air and being interefered/ jostled .....sometimes a penalty sometimes not.....we had a few of them today. Line speed, try and talk to the ref before the game as to where his line starts, as there are mixed least this gives/creates an awareness in the refs mind.

The rightside defence is still a mess and I notice that Dyllan Brown is not cover defending like he was.....Brown looked lost today and Sivo failed to concentrate against his opposite.

God knows where we are at, but it would be fair to say we are shaping up behind Penrith and the Storm and sitting with Roosters and slightly ahead of Canberra.





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  • Our front rowers are the reason we're winning games. 
    Today we didn't win ugly, we under-performed. The effort just wasn't there. 
    I consider winning ugly as still trying hard but making errors, getting no 50:50 calls etc. That wasn't us today. We just lacked effort. It was so poor and soft. Glad to hear the boys felt the same in the sheds after the game. 

    • Fair enough in what you say....but it was ugly to me and yes I agree with your summation .

      This begs the question as to why the effort was not there and whilst the boys may think that was the case, the reality is the Manly game and to a lessor extent Tiger's last week  fit into that effort category.

      Maybe we are not as good as we think we are?

      • I think that's 100% true. We're not as good as we think we are because right now we think we're pretty amazing and only need to turn up to win. There's no urgency. 

        • Interestingly MM I had no confidence  even when we went in leading  18-4  at half time because I could see they were not gelling....18 nil after 20 minutes we only needed another try and we would have broken them.....this is where Penrith have left us behind....they now have a ruthless streak in them which we can;t manage.

          My 2 try rule was broken again today as it was last week and against Manly.......our defence is starting to stand out, but not for positive reasons. 

          Our backs are playing as individuals and it is only when Guth becomes involved we have look of cohesion. The failure for the right side attack and Fergs not scoring a try needs to be looked at....even if means switching Fergs and Blake..... I have real issues with that notwithstanding as I remember vividly the failure of playing Fergs for that one game in the centres last year.

  • What a dream  vision you have Poppa, 18 up and failed to put points on the board in the 2nd half says we are struggling. We are not thinking, 12 up gifted 2 points and we don't take the 2 is dumb. Tell me how ya future champion went. 2 dumb nothing kicks. Offered nothing for the fifth game in a row. But wait his only 20 and 40 first grade games.Taka needs to go to the 6 and Dylan to the bench and inerchange with Reed. 

    Poppa show me one instances were in the last 5 games were Dylan has showed his 650K POTENTIAL.

    You bagged me for saying the Eels payed overs for him, Dylan Brown will be a future 3 or 13, he will NEVER be a champion number 6.

    • Do you also know next weeks lotto numbers ?

      • No Brett i don't, there a big gamble. Paying 650k for potential is a massive gamble. Right now DB is offering nothing. BA should be benching him, make him earn the right to wear the 6. 

        • 650k is below market value for a starting half. He is the junior half in our team and he has to wait for his chances. 

          Today wasn’t his best game but far better judges than you or I think very highly of him. He is still learning the game, that’s just the reality. Halves generally don’t get comfortable in the NRL until they’ve played at least 100 games.  

          He is going along nicely. 

          He has earned the right. 

          • Gee Brett Iam looking at his last 5 games. I have said from the start we paid 200k to much for Dylans potential  And to be honest i think we have a Ash Taylor on our hands, glad we didn't pay a mill.

            Watching Dylan play, i think he is going backwards in the 6, and better judges then me and you are commenting on this. Twice last week by Sterlo, and again today by commentators.

            I would LOVE TO BE WRONG, but stats and watching him play say iam right.

            • We are going have to disagree, I think he is going well, he is having the usual ups and downs  that every young player goes through, especially young halves. 

              Stats are irrelevant, and watching him I’m seeing a talented young halfback on a steep learning curve and handling it well.


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