Winning Ugly...I don't like it either!

We all know and understand it but we don't readily accept it.....I could very easily take the tact of rubbishing todays effort but too many  are doing that, so I decided to look at things a little bit more optimistically.

Lets see if we can make that glass half full!

Bulldogs beat Newcastle last week and are not the worst side in the comp....Everyone will tell you there are no easy games in the NRL. Bulldogs always feel they have a game to beat  Parra and fundamentally they are right. I am sure when they play us  they have more confidence than other games against top teams.

Positives were the way we constructed the first three tries......we also held them out for the last 20 minutes which was gutsy....and beat a series of six agains against us when there was no apparent difference in our position in the rucks, it was like the ref refused to recognise our line speed.

I would also note that the first try that the dogs scored was after pushing Fergs back and forcing a drop out.....there was no way the dogs were onside when that happened.

Finally we now have had Moses back for two games and he is still finding rythmm.... I suspect we are not going to have his running game until he regains more confidence in his calf. Our other forwards that we have had out were in need of a run and we had no apparent injuries..... Ryan Matterson safely home in bed. 

RCG and Paulo continue to impress and Evans looked sound although underdone when he came on. 

The  other things  we have still not been able to address  is that we are having trouble adjusting to inconsistent interpretations of these rules,  catcher's being in the air and being interefered/ jostled .....sometimes a penalty sometimes not.....we had a few of them today. Line speed, try and talk to the ref before the game as to where his line starts, as there are mixed least this gives/creates an awareness in the refs mind.

The rightside defence is still a mess and I notice that Dyllan Brown is not cover defending like he was.....Brown looked lost today and Sivo failed to concentrate against his opposite.

God knows where we are at, but it would be fair to say we are shaping up behind Penrith and the Storm and sitting with Roosters and slightly ahead of Canberra.





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        • And those ratings are purely subjective. The only objective evidence where we sit on the ladder.

      • For me, a coach is there to not only motivate his team but to give them the guidance, provide opportunities to develop them, and on match days, give the appropriate strategies to win a game. Once the players enter the field, the onus is on them. The only other instances a coach will be able to steer the side if things aren't going well is at half time or after a game, to address issues that need to be addressed in the hope of rectifying errors or deficiencies to avoid them happening again. In my view, BA doesn't do this as successfully as he ought to, hence my view that with him at the helm, the team won't win anything. Is it my wish that Parra aren't successful? Of course not. That's solely how I see it. 
        On your point about consistently inconsistent, I totally agree. In which case, the responsibility for that falls upon the players but also the coaching staff, and especially when a team's coach has been present for eight years at a club, the onus on the coach is that little bit more prevelant. 

  • Why are people against D Brown. He is only 20 years old . He still does provide cover defence. The only critque for this game was his little involvement but you can't expect a 20 year old to perform so consistently. Sivo barely got involved in the game today and I starting to get a litttle annoyed with Blake. His defence is not the best and Fergo gets no ball cause he tries to use his speed, fending, etc all the time instead of passing. Next week we are going to get destroyed down that side until we fix that sides defense. Matto will make a difference, but regardless the communication and judgements in defense are horrible at times.

    • No one is against Brown. It's just he's gone missing for a while now and was barely sighted today. Sivo also MIA today. That's not good enough from either player 

      • nope def not 

    • Iam one who thinks Dylan Brown is not the Eels answer to our 6. I think DB will be a good number 3 or if his body fills out a 13. Right now his playing with no confidence, his not taking the line on, pushing through the line, or offering Jennings and Sivo clean ball.

      I think BA needs to drop Dylan, and tell him why, our left side dosn,t fire a shot unless Gutho sets it up. Yes he is only 20, with 30 plus FG games under his belt, problem is he is not improving, in fact his stats are saying he is going backwards in a hurry.

      • Who have you got on the roster to replace him Taka Salmon who ?

        This is an issue spine consistency if you keep chopping and changing it how does the team grow and get better when you are changing out the position every year.

        The way foward here is to be convinced you have a decent group and stick with them and let them grow.

        Browns been a starting 6 for a season and a half at 20 hrs old how can you possibly tell after that amount of time that Brown is the finished article.The kids still growing and still isn't mentally or physically matured far from the finished product.

        • yes you are right Coryn....

        • I second that.


      • Ur so brainless my guy. 

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