Winning Ugly...I don't like it either!

We all know and understand it but we don't readily accept it.....I could very easily take the tact of rubbishing todays effort but too many  are doing that, so I decided to look at things a little bit more optimistically.

Lets see if we can make that glass half full!

Bulldogs beat Newcastle last week and are not the worst side in the comp....Everyone will tell you there are no easy games in the NRL. Bulldogs always feel they have a game to beat  Parra and fundamentally they are right. I am sure when they play us  they have more confidence than other games against top teams.

Positives were the way we constructed the first three tries......we also held them out for the last 20 minutes which was gutsy....and beat a series of six agains against us when there was no apparent difference in our position in the rucks, it was like the ref refused to recognise our line speed.

I would also note that the first try that the dogs scored was after pushing Fergs back and forcing a drop out.....there was no way the dogs were onside when that happened.

Finally we now have had Moses back for two games and he is still finding rythmm.... I suspect we are not going to have his running game until he regains more confidence in his calf. Our other forwards that we have had out were in need of a run and we had no apparent injuries..... Ryan Matterson safely home in bed. 

RCG and Paulo continue to impress and Evans looked sound although underdone when he came on. 

The  other things  we have still not been able to address  is that we are having trouble adjusting to inconsistent interpretations of these rules,  catcher's being in the air and being interefered/ jostled .....sometimes a penalty sometimes not.....we had a few of them today. Line speed, try and talk to the ref before the game as to where his line starts, as there are mixed least this gives/creates an awareness in the refs mind.

The rightside defence is still a mess and I notice that Dyllan Brown is not cover defending like he was.....Brown looked lost today and Sivo failed to concentrate against his opposite.

God knows where we are at, but it would be fair to say we are shaping up behind Penrith and the Storm and sitting with Roosters and slightly ahead of Canberra.





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                • Sorry Super - no wonder he was crucified, and rightly so in many people's opinions.

                  67 games makes him a world beater given his background and dramas at the Tiges?


              • your making this up you silly old bastard

  • Unfortunately, as long as BA is coach we won't win anything. For years he has barked up the same tree "We need to play for 80 minutes....the boys are disappointed in there... we allowed them in the game.... "

    He takes no responsibility and never seeks t remedy the errors and deficiences the side clearly displays. Yes, with Matterson we will improve but there were far too many passengers playing today! Lane has been non existant pretty much for the whole season bar games here and there. Mahoney is mis-throwing passes all over the place or throwing balls that are too high. Dylan Brown has lost his way in the last few games, Sivo isn't really getting as involved as he ought to, despite scoring a lot of the time,I understand.

    Changes in the first 13 need to be made, different players need to be introduced, mix it up! Kane Evans is too slow and off the mark, as unfortunately is Takarangi now. Play Kafausi and Niakore more. Davey looks useful off the bench.

    If we struggled against a shit team like the Bulldogs (yes they try, yes they are dirty in the way they play-we always allow them that luxury too by the way, by getting sucked into tussles), but they are at the bottom for a reason. 18-0 after 28 minutes, only to not score a point for the remaining 52 minutes?!

    The first half start was good today but we still came out asleep in the second half!

    As much as I hate them,Penrith and Melbourne play as a team, we don't anymore. Play like this against anyone else and we'll lose !!

    Cronulla next Sunday will not end well I fear. They are scoring for fun of late, I know they concede a lot of points too but we aren't setting games alight recently and before it is too late, we need to salvage the season and go for the minor Premiership or at least finish 2nd to give us some belief going into the finals.

    • We’ll be fine, no changes are required 

      • I don't think we have any options of significance Brett, we are essentially not holding players back and the changes Korallo suggests is just the typeof panic we see happening with sides like St George, Wests, Dogs who are going through the same failures over and over......The Korallo's of this world have not quite come to terms with the new look Parra and its Admin and do not realise it won't just happen overnight.....2018 was the best example of that. i.e we went to quick in 17 and had to repeat a year....happens to all delinquents at some points....doesn't make you a failure.

      • Hope so mate

        • That's why we play the games, to find out.

          Nothing is guaranteed, good or bad. As much as we all want to see our beloved Eels win another premiership, we have to remember to enjoy the journey, including all the bumps and bruises along the way. That's all part of it, and it will be all the more sweeter when we do win one, whenever that will be.


    • Korallo, I have supported the Eels for over 60 years and they are what they are....if you can't come to terms with that, follow the side running first(whoever that is) .....they will never disappoint you the way Parra and there coach does.

      • I think what you've said is unfair and to imply that I am someone who would only follow the side that's top isn't based on anything I have said at all and quite frankly is rather rude and uncalled for.

        You don't know me, and therein, have no right to jump to incorrect conclusions about me. 

        I merely suggested that one or two players who haven't been performing be changed, that's all. No mention of a mass overhaul of any sort. Nor did I say that Mahoney, Dylan Brown or Shaun Lane are bad players, far from it. I belive they've done more than enough respectively to date, to show that they aren't! Sometimes all that's needed is a week off for a player to give them that sense of clarity and perspective and gift them the chance to assess their performances.

        I am generally happy with how we have played this year but can see concerning signs creeping in to our performances, even if in parts. Being critical of the team I support and their coach is my entitlement, as it is of any fan for any team. I don't have to accept the fact that we aren't playing well in patches, nor overlook parts of the team that need improvement.

        Being able to win when not playing to your full ability is always a good sign, regardless of what sport that is in. I never denied that, and believe it'a valid quality to possess.

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