• Yeah, I hear there is some real cheap accomodation available at the Opal Towers

  • If it gets bad in NSW (Melbourne levels) the comp will be temporarily moved to QLD. At least that's what I've heard there contingency plan is.

  • Nup, PVL will play the comp in Antartica to meet the broadcast obligations if he has too.

    The Parramatta Penguins has a nice ring to it......

    • Sounds like your a giver Embers lol 


      • You got me in one Poppa 😂

  • No cancellations

    We winners

  • Our Qld Premier has accepted all the AFL teams and matches, she will do the same for NRL 


  • Of course it will. The Eels are a premiership threat so the curse will rise yet again and rob us of the opportunity to end the title drought. No winner declared

  • Has there been any indication by way of news that it will be cancelled? I would imagine that it would have to get extremely bad for it to be cancelled.

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