• Who is the reserve grade coach

  • McGregor 

  • If it's McGregor will he make any difference as the Eels defence has been woeful this year. McGregor didn't do too well as Dragons coach.

    • Hmmm, I think I need a drink!

      If macgregor is the reserve grade coach and Inness is the first grade coach......who's on third?

      • What's his name is on fourth

        • What's on second 

      • The blog title says Who is the coach. I presume he's the firsts coach but what about Tomorrow?

        • Tomorrow is the pitcher who's on first 

  • Kidwell was a forwards coach i believe, BA did the defence which i think will stay the same, McGregor could take over not sure on that. But think BA will just take on more of a workload in the forwards and defence.

  • When will people learn?

    BA is a paranoid, control freak- he does everything, defence, attack, game plans. The others just happily pick up their monthly payments to nod and agree with him.... how else would JA get a start? 

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paul taylor replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"WE have to play direct through the middle, off loads and then give Dylan and co room to square up his opposite.  Seriously dont know how we stop their signature plays.   If Waqa stays out and JA and Penisini slide we are a chance. Fractured line and…"
1 minute ago
Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Bingo, Mutt.
I think Jake is going to have a tough night also, Latrell is going to be coming at him at full speed all night. Ice will need to be a body guard."
41 minutes ago
Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"We defend as we did against Manly in the second half. No matter what is happening inside, Sivo & Waqa didnt jam in, they slid & gave time for Penisini & Opacic to cover. Saab had 4 line breaks in the first half, and zero in the second after BA made…"
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Muttman replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Slide. Souths rarely hit the lead runner and almost always play out the back to a very deep backline. No need to jam in. Souths want you to jam in, they're banking on it. Move up and slide, they'll run out of room."
50 minutes ago