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What has happened to Tepai?

He was supposed to be the next big thing but he hasnt improved in 4 years and in fact he has significantly regressed as a playerWhat is going on??? He only seems to lead the stat line in terms of HIAs only

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  • Called him a dud a while back
  • He and Manu should b first dropped
  • He was also a kangaroos jnr... now he wears spectacles
    • Was also Australian school boy RU player
  • He was the next best fling maybe
  • Tepai v Chricton

    Junior stars. One has kicked on, the other has stagnated.

    We just can't seem to retain the blokes who can play first grade vs the guys who have the potential to play first grade. 

    Consistently so for the past 20+ years...

  • BA happened to Tepai. If he were at a club like the Roosters he would be killing it. At Parra under BA he is a robot with a faulty circuit board.

    • Imagine if Tep, Manu , Edwards , terepo and and few others had a a coach like Bellamy or Smith ? Coaches who know how to bring up youngsters and be able to help and improve them ? They would be different players but they had a bush coach guiding them . 

      • Smith? 

    • Thats a fair point. when tepai came about he was all about scoring tries and making tackle busts. It seems BA wanted him to be another tackle machine... coaching all the instinct out of his game
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