Well well well.is a can of worms about to be opened?

NRL 2020: Tevita Pangai Jr.’s third-party investigation ‘will cost people their careers’, according to NRL 360

An NRL investigation into Broncos star Tevita Pangai Jr’s secret deals could be “catastrophic” — according to NRL 360 host Paul Kent.

As if it couldn’t get much worse for the Brisbane Broncos, a drama surrounding Tevita Pangai Jr. and his third-party deals is threatening to explode, according to Fox League’s NRL 360.

In a story broken by the Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday, Pangai Jr. was set to meet with NRL Integrity Unit officials on Monday via Zoom after missing payments from a third-party agreement.

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The story alleges the missing money is a six-figure sum, on top of his $650,000 contract with the club.

The report says that “Pangai is driving the issue” and “he is being pressured from some in the game to keep quiet and move on”.

But the rocky relationship between the player and the club after rumours he was shopping himself around to rival teams before several COVID-19 biosecurity breaches reportedly has the club on the verge of tearing up his contract.

The latest revelation threatens to send more shockwaves through the embattled club.

“I’ve grown as a person and they’ve stuck by me. I’ve come off contract a few times and could’ve left for more enticing offers down south but I love living in Brisbane and love the club.”

He also admitted he knew he was breaking the rules.

But the latest issue could potentially be the most explosive, according to Paul Kent and James Hooper on NRL 360.

“This is an explosive story. I think this story is a hand grenade that is guaranteed to go off,” Hooper said.

“There are people involved who their roles remaining in the game going forward will be called into question, and they will have to provide answers.

“Essentially you can’t have a third-party agreement that isn’t registered with the NRL, and this third-party agreement that we believe was done, was done between a couple of people and nobody else knew about it.

Kent added: “It will cost people their careers.”

The Daily Telegraph’s Phil Rothfield said with the difficulty businesses are under at the moment, many third-party agreements weren’t going to be paid.

But Kent clarified and said the issue was that it was not registered.

“The issue isn’t that the NRL know about it and it’s not being paid, it’s that the NRL didn’t even know about it. It’s catastrophic,” he said.

“It’s someone looking after Pangai’s interests because the Broncos have given him a breach notice and are trying to sack him from his contract. Meanwhile he has unpaid third-party (deals) promised to him by the Broncos.”

Hooper also suggested the third-party deal may have helped the Broncos hold on to the 24-year-old.

“The Warriors offered him $800,000 last year … he stayed at Brisbane for $650,000 a season,” Hooper said.

“Now there’s an unsigned, unregistered third-party deal. Don’t worry about the bikies and the barbershops and all the rest.

“The theory is that someone at the Broncos has initiated this arrangement with a third party, and it hasn’t been forthcoming.”


Kent pointed out “someone has” brought the issue to light in recent times, but not necessarily Pangai Jr.

“If you were trying to sack me and I had an illegal payment that you had given me to hang over your head to stop you sacking me, I’d use it,” Kent said.

“That’s what I think has happened. He knows he’s got an illegal payment there, the Broncos are trying to strongarm him out of the club.”

Confused? You’re not the only one.

Ben Ikin said: “The thing that confuses me is that he went from knowingly breaching the protocols because he wasn’t happy with what was happening with the Broncos to going on a PR exercise last week, trying to repair that relationship, and a few days later perhaps he’s aggrieved after all.”

“It’s what I call rugby league, Ben,” Kent said




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  • Well at least they got hardly any points to lose if found out not to have been registered and arranged by someone at the club.

  • Classic. Doesn't happen at the Roosters though. 

    • They don't piss off their players or coaches, do they ?

      Uncle Nick makes sure that everybody is one big nice, happy family.

  • We all know its been happening there since forever. But like always it will probably get swept under the rug. If found giulty then take 12 points off them next season and a lower salary cap for next 2 seasons. Its not the first time they have breached the salary cap and nothing has happened

    • Last time they got caught Andrew Gee took the bullet and sadly, it all disappeared...
      Looks like White will be in the firing line now which will potentially cost him the big gig at the NRL front office. I would love to see them get caught here, but you just know they will find a way to wriggle out of it.

  • Let me guess. All will be forgiven by the Broncos and Pangai will remain contrated there and this story will be forgotten about.

  • The NRL has brought this upon themselves. They should have fixed this 4 years ago, but instead they kept their head in the sand. I know Vlandys has had other things to worry about, but now is the time for him to step up and get this right. If not, he is no better than the other bufoons we have had at the NRL.

    • He is no better than the buffoons before him.

      • I agree Wong, he just has a better PR team that has the media onside.

  • Remember when Bennett was busted taking 100k per year for his disabled child from Cullen. 100k was a big sum back then. Nek minnit he was the new Dragons coach and it was never mentioned again.

This reply was deleted.

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