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We have been here before

No excuses we were awful fullstop.

BUT......We had done to us what we did to Wests a couple of games back. West's came back and won this week. I watched Penrith and they must be in a lot of pain. It was only last year we witnessed the Manly thrashing and I think this Melbourne team tonight were more ruthless than Manly. I honestly thought that we were going to get into the high seventies at one stage. I was embarrassed for them and all of our supporters.

So we can resign ourselves to not getting near the top 3 teams......and the rest we can compete. Top eight is still a possibility, a small pass mark.

The regrouping will be hard and the character building will be educational if accepted as an ongoing learning experience.

I don't like pointing out individuals because they all failed and had individual moments they will have nightmares about.

That said we have a massive problem with Salmon, Taka and Alvaro. I have defended Alvaro for a long time but he is moving as though he has lead boots on.

I also feel we have no forward that wants to lead us with line speed. I would seriously consider Ray Stone be picked at lock with that sole objective of taking the defence up.Off course that assumes they will hold on to them when they get there. They should all head back to the wrestling pit on Monday!

I have been a supporter for a long time, writing this and I'm feeling I am just about over it..........The embarrassment that is.

Who do we play next week?

PS Get it out of your system its Mothers Day tomorrow.....just refocus!

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  • One thing on Alvaro, I know he topped the tackle count but I don't think that is an issue, someone had to!

  • We will play Penrith back into form next Thursday - we are very good at playing teams into form! 

    • We play the cows next weekend in Townsville and Penrith the following week at Cumberland.

      • Thanks Col, I was scared to look and just followed Horse.

      • Colin Hussy: Townsville has almost always been a disaster for the Eels. It is unfair of the NRL to give us two away games in a row! We don`t win away games. If we get another touch-up against the Cows it is almost certain Penrith will beat us at Bank West. We will be still shell shocked in that game.

        • Roberta Lyd, I don't know what you are saying and if you still cannot spell my name correctly then do a Cut and Paste of it, shows your unbred ignorance over and over again. Don't give a hoot to what you said as I did not read it, take a running jump ignorant old man.

    • That's a good start Horse.....a funny thing what you said, after Penrith's performance and ours, there should be a lot of motivation in that game!

  • I’m shattered Poop just when I was starting to believe we had a strong team at last I was starting to believe we had coach who could get the job done. Sure we still might scramble our way into the top eight, big deal I say. The top eight is bullshit there’s the the top four and the rest are crap. But I’ll still be sitting in my recliner next week with my popcorn and my medication hoping we can defie the odds and come back from the biggest hole we’ve dug for ourselves. This is longest reply I’ve ever done it’s funny what misery can do to one. 

  • I am probably older than you mate, the shit displayed tonight is not  acceptable , simple as that. Bellamy berated his mob  and got a result what will Brad do.

  • agree with alvaro and taka but not salmon. he has been given a play second fiddle role by BA which i completely diagree with. last week when he kicked he kicked well yet every time the ball goes to moses on the last, who is you asked me was a main reason we lost tonight. two of their crucial tries were scored off what should of been repeat sets but moses couldnt find the in goal. if he does we get a repeat set and might even score goes from 20 - 6 to 12-14. A lot on here were raving about tepai before the game and i dont get it. he made errors tonight but his discipline is mind boggling. he is getting us off on the back foot early in the game with his ill discipline. and btw i dont see his impact he is only averaging 75m per game his worst since 2016. i think alvaro, tepai and taka need to go.


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