Parramatta Eels have today announced the appointment of Trent Barrett to join the Club as an NRL Assistant Coach for two years from the 2023 season.


Parramatta Eels Head Coach Brad Arthur said, “Trent has a wealth of football experience which he has harnessed over almost three decades as an elite player and coach, I’m sure he will contribute significantly to help enhance our football program.”

Barrett has a decorated career as a player with 235 NRL games for Illawarra Steelers, St George Illawarra Dragons and Cronulla Sharks, and an additional 60 games for Wigan in the UK. He has represented NSW and won 15 caps for Australia.

Barrett has extensive coaching experience with Canterbury Bulldogs, Manly Sea Eagles and as an assistant coach with Penrith Panthers.

Parramatta Eels General Manager of Football Mark O’Neill said, “Brad identified Trent Barrett as someone who could add great value to our football program. We all agreed that to be the case based on Trent’s credentials and experience. I know he will be a wonderful fit for our club as we seek to continuously improve each and every year. I look forward to welcoming Trent and his family to our club”.

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      • Kram based on Barrett last stint it's not an appointment that fills you with any confidence, almost immediately the dogs started playing a decent brand of footy - I think it's a missed opportunity to go after someone with fresh ideas with ambitions for the top job someone like Josh Hannay.The assistant position although important it doesn't change the fact that BA has the ultimate say which is more of concern based on how the seasons has played out.The BA cheer squad thinking this makes his job safe are delusional, the goods new is BA wants to secure his future as a career coach and it won't be at the eels 

        • Mate, Josh Hannay has stated publicly that he doesn't want to be a head coach, he enjoys being an assistant.

          They're VERY different jobs, I don't get why everyone assumes a good assistant will automatically become a good head coach. Success in either role aren't mutually exclusive. It's a bit like saying a good departmental manager willl always become a good managing director - it doesn't work like that. 

          • Agree mate I guess Barrett being sacked is fresh in people's minds which I understand - the bigger issue is BA future at the club, I feel the only reason BA is kept on board is to do with retaining Moses and DB

            • I reckon the only reason he's being kept on is because the board is incapable of making proactive decisions and won't sack a coach early no matter what. Piss weak, as Snake said.

              LIke, if we'd signed a new coach and we were excited at what the future may hold, and he bought Barrett in as one of his assistants, I'm not sure as many people would have an issue with it as they do now.

              • Kman you have made a valid point but I think this also has something to do with money , maybe the club simply can't afford to pay out BA and then pay for a new coach and if this is the case then the club really is a shit show .


                Rather than do nothing the club signs a assistant with a name to make out like the club is doing doing something as it will still be a lot cheaper for the club than paying out a two year contract and hiring new coach . 

                • Frankie there's no doubt they could afford to pay him out, but for whatever reason they just aren't going to. People talk about BA being stubborn without even knowing him, maybe they should be pointing the "stubborn" finger at the Board? They're making a business decision based on what they're seeing behind the scenes, perhaps there is a succession plan there that is being kept under wraps, perhaps there just isn't one - I guess the good news out of that is there simply aren't the leaks that our friends in the media used to kept being hand feed on a daily basis.

                • I reckon that's exactly what's happening Frankie. The club's trying to give the incumbent coach the tools he may need to get success rather than objectively looking at the situation and making the apropriate decision.

                  What makes it worse is that imo there's no doubt they could afford to pay him out, I can't see that being an issue at all.

                  They go on about being a professionally run club but then sit on their hands instead of looking to improve. BA's had his chances, it's time to move on.

      • Well Kram, the proof will be in the pudding next year, if Barretts as a brilliant of an assistant as you guys say, we will obviously be a much improved team next year with a good chance of the ultimate GF win.

        I can tell you right now, thats not going to happoen, its delusional imo

        And Barrett as a bloke has some of the worst body language and energy ive ever seen in RL, my bros a dogs fan, and he was disgusted by what he saw.

        Trent is the exact type of energy we dont need, he's just like BA, hes a total depressive, and that might be of no thought to some, but personality is very very important, teams are all about energy and having coacxhes with the ability to lift their team.

        Trent and BA would have to be amoungst the worst in the NRL in those depts, they couldnt motivate shit and their personalities effect the team negatively, just like BAs personality already effects us poorly, and Trents effected the dogs shockingly.

        We are bringing a seasoned loser, to work with another seasoned loser, both who couldnt motivate a thing and both who have very poor energy.

        This is going to be a disaster, more of the exact same as we are getting now.

        And wait till BA goes in another 2 years, watchg the club give Trent the job because he's matey with jim and Mark, then there will be more wasted years.

        This shows the very very low standards our club has imo, its very saddening.

        • There's no point debating whether Barrett's a good assistant coach or not. The problem is we are going to go into a 10th season with Brad Arthur. I reckon you could put Bellamy, Bennett and Robinson in as assistants and we'd still under achieve with Authur at the helm.

          I do rate Barrett as an assistant coach though - pity he won't be working under a decent head coach.

          • fair enough Kram, i understand what youre saying and i tend to agree, whats the point?

            Our. board needed to have the balls to sack BA.

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