Top 6 Dirtiest NRL Players

As its the 'Off Season' I thought I'd start with what players that you would consider to be in the 'Top 6' Grubbiest / Dirtiest Players in the N.R.L. Mine are:

1) Russell Packer

2) Nate Myles

3) Cameron Smith

4) Billy Slater

5) Josh McGuire

6) Nelson Asofa Solomona

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  • Malcolm Reilly, Rod Reddy, James Graham, Les Boyd, Adrian Morley . Blokes like Rex Mossop and Noel Kelly were tough but were only sent off for punching, no knees, biting, head butts or elbows..

  • Dallas Donelly, Les Boyd, Adrian Morley, Hoppa, Greg Bird, Jason Stevens


  • Ennis 

  • Hopoate

  • Hopoate with his finger in bum poking lol I guess he had to dig his fingers in to remember what number tackle they were on 

  • Rod Reddy, Graeme Wynn, Chris Close, Justin Hodges, Felise Kaufusi and Josh McGuire. 

    Many options to choose from, it's hard to confine it to just six.

    • Agree hard to limit it to 6. 

  • Ian Randall

    Bob Cooper

    Tommy Smith

    Tom Raudonikos

    Les Boyd

    Rod Reddy

  • I won't repeat the names that have got a fair run on here already but James Maloney and Josh Reynolds deserve a mention,  as does Mick Crocker, Anthony Watmough and Steve Matai. 

    Chris Sandow, Todd Carney and  Cody Walker would make the cut too.

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