Three Why's Eels

1. Why do we give our winger ball and they have 4 to beat and get smashed over the sideline. Both Fergo and Sivo are good finishers and score if given half a chance, they are just not given that chance. Why are we not creating more room for them. Believe some posters have touched on this? Not just Moses fault - he was playing straight and digging into the line against the Panthers.


2. Why do we not have a plan of attack when the opposition gets up fast giving our attack no room? Opposition have been doing this for years and we still seem to have no answer.


3. Why did Moses/Matterson switch with Brown/Lane? Like that we are trying new stuff but why the switch? Is Brown being given teh better side for a right footer or is he being asked to do more of the play making?

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    • We used to go right to left 2019?

    • I just realised I meant Left to Right. See, I'm no Coach

    • Whilst Souths looked very good, St George were woeful. They were constantly retreating in defence, allowing the likes of Reynolds to run to the defensive line and past it way before he needed to pass.

      When the opposition gives you that much room to move, any NRL standard team will put points on you.

      In our trial, and Vossy mentioned this several times during his call, referree Klein played a very skinny 10m for both teams in our trial and that lack of space may have contributed to lacklustre attack.

      I will say this, Penrith scored their tries after getting several 6 again repeat sets (which I think we got one of during the whole match). Personally, I thought that whilst our attack is troubling, the defence seemed better than last season - although still not great.

      For a trial match, it was not a bad hit out. Lets not forget last season we played a similarly clunky trial against the Panthers and scrapped for a draw, looked dreadful in Round 1 against the Dogs before going on a solid run and leading the comp for the first half of the season.

      What I want to see this season is consistency throughout. We have the cattle to make the top 4 again, then its up to Brad and the team to take the next step.

  • I actually thought Sivo and Fergo played well. The problem was Sivo was only given the ball when multiple defenders were on him. He was actuallu doing very well not to be taken into touch several times. Fergo was actually making good yards from dummy half that there were no markers for the next play. But like Sivo, he never got any opportunity. 

    • When you don,t get clean ball with space it will affect your game. You won,t enjoy the game. You will take unnecessary risks out of frustration and inevitably be prone to making mistakes; When your backline is in some sort of harmony your confidence grows and you enjoy the game--you only have to have a look at how positive the guys were whe they thrashed Broncos in the finals 50 to something.

      Some good observations on this blog

      • I am actually surprised that some of these suggestions and observations made on these blogs about how other teams structure their attack very successfully haven,t been taken up by our coaching staff. If you guys can see it and our coaches can,t what do they actually do?

        • Slow play the balls when they use these shaped attacks they for the most part are doing it off of a set defense moving foward.They need to use the mentioned once they have bent the middle and created momentum.

          • Exactly Coryn. We shift the ball at the wrong times. That's the fault of our spine players. Hopefully with more experience Drown and Mahoney will get better at making these decisions. Moses needs to be given the ball when there's an opportunity and not before. His job is to play what he sees, not decide when he gets the ball. Gutherson also needs to stop hogging it whenever we get a quick play the ball. Both our halves are more dangerous runners than him.

            • N Brown stopped hogging the ball can Guth do the same? He need to

  • Very good analysis, but I don't know y 🤷🏼‍♂️

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