The Wizard

Does anyone on here know where our long time member, Wizard's Sleeve is?

He's a valuable member on here and funny as fark.



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                    • I think a nude wrestling match in a pool of the only way to decide this!

                      From what I know about Kram, nothing will stick! there is not a hair on that body to go with those beautifully manicured hands.

                      Likewise Daz you will have to take a more scientific approach (fittingly of course) and look to  slow himdown with a salad dressing that will start Kram licking himself lavishingly.

                      Obviously Slugg will be refereeing this affair and he  could decide the winner by also licking Kram.....especially if Daz is clever enough to put some orange sauce in the salad dressing.

                    • 6754991452?profile=RESIZE_180x180

                    • Poppa, I'm not sure I want to know why Slugg is so keen to lick Kram. Does Kram know? Is Slugg a fat leftie lesbian? Kram claims he would not want to be licked by them but we all know about verneinung (abnegation), that concept of Freud's, and now we see it explains Kram's view. 

                    • Two things Professor Daft you need to cease doing

                      1.  Lower your consumption of red cordial, it plays havoc with your system; and

                      2. Stop doona diving so you can inhale your own Dutch ovens, only bad things will come from that my boy 


                    • Well there are two issues here. Slugg would only be keen to lick Kram if the orange sauce is in the salad dressing....why the missing point... Slugg has a fetish for duck a la orange.

                      Point two  there is no evidence that Kram would be in denial or self sacrifice by letting Slugg lick him other than getting the better of you!


    • Daz being a dope again.


      • That's right. I forgot dopey leftie. Probably because I'm, ya know, a dope. Me and the lefties scaring away all the hard working tight jean hating right wingers who just deserve a safe space. I'm just so annoyed with myself and my korrupt brain ded ova sensiteev injustes bandeet leftie comraids who have been ruining it for everyone else. 
        Kram, where are the obese leftie chicks when you need them to sit on us and squish us from 1Eyed existence so no-one feels their space is invaded? The heartache of it all. 

        • Don't worry Daz, "all lives matter".

        • They're all at Maccas Daz, inhaling veggie burgers and fries - and diet coke (they're watching their figures).

This reply was deleted.

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