The Wizard

Does anyone on here know where our long time member, Wizard's Sleeve is?

He's a valuable member on here and funny as fark.



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    • Most full on lefties are also morbidly obese - you left that bit out Daz. I'm talking about the girls - they're generally massive rigs who dye thier hair some bright shade of red, green or blue to distract us from the fact that Stretch Armstrong wouldn't be able to get his arms around their massive waists. And all that shit in their faces - nose rings, piercings - what the feck is the resoning in trying to make an already ugly head even uglier?. Tattoos - what is the rationale behind sticking feminine butterfly and dolphin tattoos on frumpy, soft, pastey, dimpley obese tuck shop arms or a back with more rolls than a baker's shop - who the feck want's to be looking at that?

      And why do all these fat lefty chicks have really, really skinny boyfriends with chicken wing arms, sunken chests and legs like a flamingo? It's pretty clear that their gals are hogging all the carbs and protein. Only lesbian leftiers let their partners have food. It's an outrage.

      #skinny male lives matter too.

      • Kram, you forget that we blind dumb wannabe-stateless arts-degreed thus poor lefties are also total egaliatarian wankers. We'll fuck anything. Hell we'd even fuck you. Not Snake, as even we have standards, but when they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well remember we're blind so it's all good. 

        • Those grubby lefty chicks are falling over themselves to get a date from me Daz, id rather fuck a meat grinder.


          • By Kram's description they ARE meat grinders. Go for it Snake. Report back. Waiting. Breathlessly. 

          • Lol - fuck a meat grinder hahaha

            • Lol......Heisen you might be able to survive with 7 inches but in my case its hard enough with one, don't think I can manage with a half.

          • LOL - same. They get all nervous and twitchy around me then start batting their eyelids and get flirty. It's like being courted by a hippo.

            I'm onto them though - they see a bloke in a suit and they think it's a ticket to get their hecs debt paid. Obviously any imbecile that wastes years at uni getting some sort of humanities degree is never gonna earn anywhere near the threshold where they would actually have to pay for their "education".

            Actually - I believe the Uni's are seriously considering dropping humanities - about fecking time. This could be a watershed year in the future of our great nation :)

            • Oh Kram, you're being too kind. We all know what a nice guy you are and thus we all know you're too polite to turn down their advances. Right wingers live by the mantra of rewarding risk taking, so we know when the hippos come knocking you're not going to dissuade the risky move to court such a fine (suited) catch. You're really a humanitarian at heart, and like all Centre-rights, you approve of a good deal, so we know it's a smokescreen this anti-humanities thing, as all those unemployed desperate humanities grads need to pay their HECS so they grovel to the powerful suited people. Like they should. 

              • LOL, Daz you disappoint me mate. Surely a man of your intellect has heard of the Tower Of Love. You see, these fat heaps are a 3 (maybe a 2, or 1) whereas  I'm a 9 - a hard 9. It simply can't and would never happen - it's the 6th law of physics.

                This is where the lefties tend to fall down, they shy away from dealing with undeniable realities.

                • Kram, you got me there. I had not factored in your innate hotness. I apologize for having disappointed you. To try to make it up to you, though as a disconnected from reality leftie I know I'm not truly worthy, I offer my counseling services. You see eith Slugg how compassionate I can be and I want to extend that to you. We don't need exotic 6th laws, just plain old terrestrial theory of magnetism. Opposites attract. A positively charged particle like your wholesome right wing self will of course attract the negatively charged always-complaining-about-something leftie, so those 3's and 2's are going to be gunning for you like dung beetles to a big hard 9 turd. You will need my help. Only a negatively charged leftie like myself can physically repel them for you. 
                  And there we have it. We have established a suitable detente of social utility left to right. With my help, you will be able to float free in the plasma, unburdened by the weight (shall we say) of expectations of our material world. A right wing electron with maybe just the nuclear force for company, and we know radiation is good for everyone. Problem solved. Thank me later. 

This reply was deleted.

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