The Wizard

Does anyone on here know where our long time member, Wizard's Sleeve is?

He's a valuable member on here and funny as fark.



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                    • Ya know, Slugg, I knew if you came on board with the songs you would trip yourself up.
                      The Fool on the Hill is McCartney's song about a person who appears to act foolish but his foolish ways in fact display great wisdom. 

                      Thanks, Slugg. Compliment accepted! I dare you to reply. 

                    • I know exactly want he was saying. I was calling you a fool because a fool you are. I've had my fun with you and no longer wish to associate with you. Your condescending self obsessed attitude is getting quite boring. You're far to intelligent to bother with someone of my low IQ (120). No reply required. 

                    • Wa, wa wa, Slugg. You act like a troll, take pot shots, and then when I tell you to stick it, you cry about it. You're free not to associate with me. Though I'm wondering how you missed that was the point?

                    • Its the exact other way around Daz, you take pot shots at Sluggy, he defends himself and you cry victim, as you always do.


                    • All it takes to get to your view, Snake, is that a rock once skimmed the earth and left the dinosaurs and we now live in that alternate reality and what you said matches it. Thx for the reminder 

This reply was deleted.

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