The Wizard

Does anyone on here know where our long time member, Wizard's Sleeve is?

He's a valuable member on here and funny as fark.



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    • Eyeball still participates at the nursing home every Tuesday and thinks One Eyed Eels are the biggest bunch of dumbfucks he has ever experienced.......I never apologise and just say ....yes but they are dumbfucks that I like!

      • LOL!! Maybe he should come back on and sort a few of us "dumbfucks" out like he did last time he was here. I'm sure he'd be waaaaaaaay too intelligent and quick for the likes of us to handle. I reckon I could chew up and spit out that halfwit quicker than most on here could rub out a wad :)


        • Lol ....I'm not sure I would want him on here Kram.....he would be trolling me night and day.

          I will pass on your message just the same......his ego may bring him back!

          Alternatively he will end up being your best friend and a new fan for Pansy.....I have so many Pansy fans on here, I am thinking of changing my avatar. I never imagined I could be a queen of social media.

          • Lol - that's the plan Pop - I'm playing to his massive ego - trying to lure him back :)

            THIS is the year to be on 1EE !

      • Invite him back on...

        I wouldn't mind smashing him in another debate about some obscure topic.

  • He's waiting for something he can copy and paste

  • I think it must be because of the rabid pinko pc unemployed green fascist cucked sjw leftie scum and the way they deride and insult the salt of the earth dish washing employed proper values rational thinking right wingers. That's not very inviting. Come back Wiz, we lefty scum promise to be better behaved, more civil and open hearted, less judgemental, and to accept with a smile whatever is said. We are not worthy. Please save the site. From us. 

    • Lol, don't forget us arrogant pricks!

      • Oh yeah, arrogant pricks too. Thanks for reminding me Poppa ... but you know I already knew that, right? Hahahaha stab-myself-in-the-eye funny

        • Lol.... Oh! to be humble.....just let the student's answer  Daz, you don't have to ask the questions and supply the answers..... well at least to before you stab yourself in the eye.

          Actually that is brilliant wit on your part....but you knew that already didn't you!  lol

This reply was deleted.

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