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Fire up sausage suckers, it’s game day!

Cant wait to watch a very impressive Eels line up tonight in the 9’s. Watching some footy in general will be great.

The pundits have the Eels, Broncos and Sharks as teams most likely to win.

I am really looking forward to seeing Oregon and Stefano get a run and of course Moses as he is very entertaining to watch in this format.

Bring it on..!

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      • I know but 20 plus years of following this team has me ready for disappointment at any time

        • I have been following them for 40 years offside so I know what you mean.

  • How disappointing was that. Hit up hit up hit up v boring and far to safe for this format.

  • Gutherson kicking out on full cost us the game

  • Way too conservative in attack there. Yes you need to go forward but it's 9's. You have to ask questions almost every play. That was poor in attack from the Eels. 

    • 13 a side game plan in a nines format lol....go BA!!!

      Gee I hope this new fitness guru knows his stuff, they looked fucked.

      • BA went very heavy on the forwards rotation though . Seemed to have at least 6 on the field at all times. Probably made the team look less fit than it is . 

  • To be perfectly honest I thought we looked pretty unfit- we were really under the pump there. 

  • Eels send their best team , BA says they are taking it seriously and they lose to the Bulldogs .  

This reply was deleted.

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