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Fire up sausage suckers, it’s game day!

Cant wait to watch a very impressive Eels line up tonight in the 9’s. Watching some footy in general will be great.

The pundits have the Eels, Broncos and Sharks as teams most likely to win.

I am really looking forward to seeing Oregon and Stefano get a run and of course Moses as he is very entertaining to watch in this format.

Bring it on..!

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  • INDEED. Bring on the footy.

  • Some saying that the Wiff have a great young team and are dark horses. They could name their first grade team and I'd be confident the Eels would smash them.

    The Broncos though will be more difficult.

    The Sharks with Graham and Johnson, who I believe is very similar to Moses being elusive and dynamic in this format, will also be a difficult proposition.

  • I can't see why I be putting  Stefano in our NRL side when he be leaving us next year so in saying that why we are we getting him use to NRL  level  when he won't be here next year he be a tiger I be flooding someone else who will be here

    • We're paying him this year. If he can add something to the team he should get picked. He won't be the only member of our squad who won't be here next year and it's not all about building for the future. We want our best 17 on the field each week. If we get enough injuries/suspensions Utoikamanu will be in our best 17 players. In that case we should pick him.

  • I watched the 2016 nines last night.

    We won that with a pretty average squad.

    We should go well in this one.

  • Grew up in Winston Hills and Epping and have supported the Eels since I was a young tucker in the glory years of the 80s.  I have been living in Perth for the last 9 years so being able to see the current superstars of the Parra team play live is a big deal for me! Bought a family ticket for the 9s and am taking the misses, boys and little girl - can't wait to show them live rugby league! Fingers crossed the Eels go far in the finals so we get to see them play as many games as possible! Excited!

    • That is great to hear you get the opportunity to see our top squad play 

  • The draw on shows we only play two games in the group stage even though there are four teams in each group?

    • Yes, in the NRL's infinite wisdom they have decided to have four pools of four, with only each team playing twice. It's essentially them kowtowing to broadcasters. It's also why the games are being played tonight and tomorrow, instead of Saturday/Sunday like previous Nines tournaments.

      • So for a few teams its a long way to play 18 min games? Shame there are not 3 matches each team.

        Wisdom and NRL do not go well Sir Super.

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