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I know we can leave comments etc but this is to recognise the regulars and their special day.

So if you lied when filling out your site registration, you will have to fess up or play along.

The inaugural Happy Birthday wish goes out to Parra Supporter.

Hope you're having a good one.

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Well, it's 5.30am Sunday morning and I'm up - literally :)

It's a massive, massive Happy Birthday to CARLO - the site darling, the site princess. A class act and an absolute stunner in every sense of the word.

Have a magnificent day Carls xxoo  :)

 Carlo: Many, many Happy returns. The only sane person on this site! Remember, a kiss is still a kiss.  

Ta Robbie , yes nothing like a good kiss !!!

Oh bless thanks kram xx had a night out dancing and I’m not too dusty so it’s win win today !!!xxxx

Happy happy birthday to our smart, funny and  beautiful Blue and Gold treasure! Have a great day Carlo!

Ta mace can’t believe I’m 45 bit scary lol

Happy Birthday Carlo! Special kudos if you can remember the name of the turtle.

That was HILARIOUS PT !!

no I don’t know the flying firing turtle 

thanks what a crack up !!!

Happy Birthday from GAMERA ! Just finished a minutes silence !

Where is gamera???

GF wins the prize. Carlo, if you see flames shooting out of every orifice, it must be Gamera!


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