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I'm really impressed with how we are travelling the postive news is there is room for improvement. The kicking game especially from Reed was pinpoint the little fella is adding more strings to his bow - Turbo was labouring have to retrieve the ball from his corner and the pressure was relentless. The team looked in control and for long periods repelling Manly on a few occasions our line looked intact. The second half was a let down but credit to Manly for not giving up they tested us till the very end. Fergo had mixed game and too many times didn't show trust in Waqa and was dragged in that rookie type reaction. Dylan Brown lazy pass to Sivo allowing Manly back in the game.Gutho hospital pass to Fergo and was soft footy as captain I expect better and that type brain explosion is corncern especially when come against the real heavyweights. BA is on the right track and that first is exactly  he wants the team to  operate. The second  half  some bad habit crept and I'm sure BA will address. 

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    • Our attack was awesome. But to win premiership the defence is paramount.  SIVO has to learn to tackle well. Dylan was lazy today. RcG had howlers.i don't want to talk abiut Blake. He is not unto mark. His intensity has gone down and making too many mistake 


  • Not much bad tonight , manly had most of the field position and possession in the 2nd half and were coming after the the eels and last they would of Lost this game midway through the 2nd half . 


    Still a long way to go but they are a better team than last year and Moses defence is was a feature of his game . 


  • We went back to the Brad Arthur coaching of old last night.  We only played 40 minutes and then put the cue in the rack thinking the job was done.

    • I am impressed with Mosses. He is showing a true number 7. Hopefully he doesn't end like Tim Smith. ANDREW JOHNS mark is there....

      If we have to win a premiership we got to contest 80 minutes. Sorry to say but what i have seen today, is not i expected. I will give it a bad day at work. 

      Sayung that most of the teams this week has been guilty of indiscipline.  I have watched the sharks vs Cwoboys. That game was horrendous. Those 2 teams were playing touch footy. 

      Tomororww raiders game will be interesting to watch.

      Will there be lot if penalties ? 

  • Yep we got the points, and thats what we played for. RCG had a dropsey night, DB less then average in attack, Gutho very average game.

    • Oh Graham, I can't believe how we watch a game so different to each other.

      With your kids do you compliment them when they do something right or do you just focus on their mistakes.

      RCG made two handling errors and had a tremendous game, DB had a monstrous defensive game and tried very hard in attack and in doing so straightened it up and took the tackle rather than hospital pass to his outside support. On one occasion he threw such a pass to Sivo. Gutho had a great alround game and was everywhere in attack and defence.

      But hey lets forget about how great the match was and the defence of both teams fantastic and that fatique may cause errors.

      We won the game, contentious issues for both sides, we were the best over 80 minutes, the scoreboard confirms same.

  • We were a premieship winning team for 60 mins and in the last 20 showed the same mental weakness of the not so distant past. We probably thought the game was in the bag when we went up by 7.

    Delighted with the win though so I ain't complaining. Manly can go cry a river. The bad balls level out by season's end.

  • Not sure why people say we clocked off I didn't get that vibe. Each of Manlys tries was very hard earned. We were unfortunate not to ice the game with our own try at one point. Like Arthur in the post game presser I wasn't unhappy with our mentality at all. Manly are a good side and we got the chockies - yay! 

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