The biggest mistake since Hitter slept in on D day.

This tournament was a huge mistake by the NRL. Trying to promote the game in an AFL state was doomed from the start. Most clubs weren’t interested and didn't want to be there and the public weren’t interested. Without doubt the biggest flop since Will Farrells next movie. 

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  • Agree Sluggy, I watched our games and bits and pieces of other games, mainly during commercial breaks. A very poorly run competition and the quality of the refs, well there was no quality.

  • And that's what I have said from the time it was waste of time and money. AFL town and the nines concept is crap

  • As a fan of League, I found that if i treat it as a trial weekend for the club to get ready for the coming season, give players that need a hit out or combos that need some tweaking with timing etc, allow the unfit to get a little practise etc, try some things, let the coach have a look at players etc under game conditions. Watch transitions and pinpoint problem areas to fix before the NRL comp then all is well.

    Treat it as if its supposed to be this huge - wanted/ cared for competition and it becomes clear it has no relevance to the NRL competition proper or the NRL fans awaiting the start of the real comp.


    • That's all fine for us fans of the game but the reason for playing the thing in Perth was to promote the game and it failed miserably. 

      • Probably a fair call on that front.

  • It wasn’t a home run, but still a worthwhile exercise nevertheless. The fact that it was in Perth wasn’t the reason for it not being a total success.

    • Tell that to the Dragons.3 players gone for most of the season .A complete waste of time for a nothing game

      • That's preseason Wong, shit happens, especially in a collision sport. Based on 60's reports on TCT, the opposed sessions that the boys have been going through have been far more physical than anything they faced in Perth.

        • Bullshit

  • Another big mistake was playing it pre season. The risk of injuries was a big concern for all teams. Players can be injured in trials but trials are necessary. I think it would have been a success if played post season. 

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