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From Buzz Rothfield's "Saint, Sinner, Shoosh" column:-


WE’RE hearing some fascinating stuff about why the NRL has still not punished the rorting player agents from the old Parramatta Eels salary cap scandal. Integrity unit boss Nick Weekes told us in July, 2016 that the managers involved would be named, shamed and kicked out of the game. Nothing has happened.

Well Buzz, how about publishing a story or two about what you're hearing, after all, your mates Tabakoff and Kent couldn't wait to publish the next daily story against the Eels during the saga. Talk about bloody hypocrites. There's no doubt there's far more to the this story and that it goes right to the top and the CEO. I dead set reckon if we were ever told the whole truth (whatever that may be) the game would be in disarray. I'd be shocked if Greenberg isn't in it up to his eyeballs and hiding stuff from his past again.

Let's hope there continues to be some traction to this. If Greenberg ends up getting punted it would be an even bigger bonus.

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  • It's because every club would be involved and for every club to be punished you would have to forfeit an entire season and that just isn't possible.

    Greenberg does a twitter Q and A thing every know and then with the fans and I ask him every single time why no managers got punished and he has never answered.

    • Yep, Greenberg is happy he got the Eels as the scapegoat. We were the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter for poorly doing what everyone else was doing far better than us. Since then he's just hoped everything else would go away and worked hard to protect himself.

  • To think these managers were only setting up these deals with parramatta management and not similar deals with there clients at other clubs is really fanciful. I always believed that it was just a way for the Nrl to gain control of a powerful club and put people in positions at the club that they could control. If Foran hadn’t imploded , Corey Norman didn’t end up in a private video and all the other shenanigans that were not related to the cap didn’t happen then the sacking of the all the board would not have happened. It seemed to me that the agenda riddled media led the charge and people who didn’t deserve it lost their reputation.
    • The previous board was incompetent. We have quality now, thank goodness.
    • The Eels were in serious salary cap trouble in 2016 before a ball was even kicked. The board were so incompetent and had their heads soooo deep in the sand claiming innocence and the media were so noisy about it and had insiders dripfeeding them information, and the board waited till the NRL hunted them down and asked for the computers and that was the catalyst. Any other club would shut the shit down before the season started. Norman's rubbish didn't happen till much later

  • Agree with all the comments but I doubt we will ever know the full story. All history now let’s just hope Parra wins the comp. How sweet that will be

  • The longer this drags on, the more damage will be done to the game. It is already a joke of a salary cap, it's just luck that some clubs have players willing to stick it to their much higher paid counterparts.
    Why are the media not on board also? Are they implicated as well?
    • You're right Longfin, it was the perfect opportunity for Greenberg to clean the whole mess up when we got busted. Instead he made a grandstanding speech, pulled out his "we only want the Eels on the same level playing field as the other 15 clubs" BS and promised an investigation that has never materialised. I've got no doubt the reason it's dragging on is Greenberg himself. It's a complete joke.

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