Super, enough is enough

I’m Eugene has to go. He’s threatened more than one member with violence he boasted he is going to destroy the site and completely disrespects everyone on the site. We don’t need him we don’t want him. Do what must be done, get rid of him.

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Parrapete replied to brissyeel's discussion Cartwright training with Spud Carroll
"That was a good read. Hopefully Carty is pumped up and will hit the ground running"
9 minutes ago
Axel replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion NRL 2021 Draw
"We need to get rid of Aland quick smart and sign a a multinational company as a spoonsor looking for maximum exposure in the ANZ market. Aland have served their purpose since the 2016 salary cap breaches and especially after their CEO was found…"
10 minutes ago
Mick replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion NRL 2021 Draw
"I'm sure the NRL are keen on Broncos v Titans game at suncorp given the way the Titans have recruited "
21 minutes ago
brissyeel replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion NRL 2021 Draw
"Surely you jest Brett, there's a few on here that want to sign Payten, he's a Supercoach now apparently and BA couldn't tie his shoelaces!!!!
Haas has gone backwards at a rate of knots, he's becoming a "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane". They are…"
34 minutes ago