Super, enough is enough

I’m Eugene has to go. He’s threatened more than one member with violence he boasted he is going to destroy the site and completely disrespects everyone on the site. We don’t need him we don’t want him. Do what must be done, get rid of him.

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  • I think we should have given Eugene more time to show us his real talent.  Better than Will Smith?This video shows him in his prime. Carlo get in line




    • That’s not will 

      I ain’t even bothering tad lol it’s arsenic hour 

    • Good one Tad, he was certainly an improvement on our Eugene!

      • I don't know what to make out of him Poppa. We do get a few like this from time to time who open themselves up to abuse by provoking everyone with way over the top inputs. Makes you wonder what they think of themselves and whether they actually feel comfortable with what they get in return. 

      • Hey Poppa I think these times are really challenging all of us and people's patience sometimes can be really stretched.I know mine is.I came across this a friend sent to me which really touched me as my 13-year-old dog was euthanized a few weeks ago.It helps put things into perspective.. You give love you get it back 

        • I am so sorry to hear about your dog Tad.....I know Parra Tragic would love that clip.

          I just watched it and had tears in my eyes..........showed it to my wife and watched it again and completely broke down.

          I Love my animals and my two dogs, we put down the cat at 19 years of age a few months ago.....I suppose I will be next.......hope I go first!

          • No chance I will watch it. I can't even watch the first Lassie movie when her impoverished owners have to sell her to get some money and she comes home from Scotland. I get upset when the opening titles start and have to turn it off. Can't watch "Maytime" either, knowing the ending. I hope you held your cat when she got the needle Poppa - tough stuff but it needs to be done.


            • PT it’s nice to see the human side of people when they can relate to a experience like this .I think the important things about any life entity is the relationship you have with it. I know a few aged people who have an animal as the only loving relationship in their lives and will spend whatever it takes to look after it. When things go wrong many can never get anything which will replace that for the remaining years of their lives. When my mum was in a nursing home there was a who was very lonely and rarely had a visitor.One day when I visited my mum the lady had someone bring her dog in for a visit. Seeing the love between the lady and her dear dog broke me to pieces.I can understand where you are coming from.

        • If only people were like dogs Tad.

          Best ad for Organ Donation I have seen so far.

    • Funny guy Tad, Andy Kaufman's love child. 

This reply was deleted.

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