Super, enough is enough

I’m Eugene has to go. He’s threatened more than one member with violence he boasted he is going to destroy the site and completely disrespects everyone on the site. We don’t need him we don’t want him. Do what must be done, get rid of him.

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            • Pfff.

              Its Clintoris.

            • Bahahaha 

            • Ok, sorry about that. Just going by the name I see

            • That's better than Kerry. TeeHee

      • Dont quote what you do not know.

        Phil has stood aside. He left the running to super. That all I will say. So stop your speculation.


      • Phil had to hand over the site and anying to do with it when he joined the board

  • I'll 2nd, 3rd and 4th that Slugg.

    • I'll back you both to the hilt.

  • I agree. I have been a long time lurker on this site, and I joined because I enjoyed the footy chat and the good humoured banter, but this Eugine person is too much.  I am thinking of leaving the site. I don't need this right now. 

    • It will be a shame if this clown closes the site down. We are all here to follow and talk about the eels, not to be botherd by someone whose agenda is to upset and intimidate people

This reply was deleted.

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