Super, enough is enough

I’m Eugene has to go. He’s threatened more than one member with violence he boasted he is going to destroy the site and completely disrespects everyone on the site. We don’t need him we don’t want him. Do what must be done, get rid of him.

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        • he's just a naughty boy!


          ........I said that 3 pages back when Bobby said Slugg was a God!

  • I'm Eugene/VerticalSmile was a troll, pure and simple. He rarely used 'our' but 'your' when he talked about the team, so he's likely a supporter from another club. I just used to ignore him/her, because a reaction is exactly what a troll wants. They say incendiary things and rejoice when they see everyone getting the shits.

    I used to work with a guy like that years ago when I did shift work. One time, he got in the ear of the one of fellow employees early in the morning at 6am. Wind him up tighter than a spring. Then when the boss arrived at 8am, this guy would go off like a 2nd hand lawn mower. This shit stirrer would just sit back, say nothing and get off on the conflict. There are people like this out there, and they are emboldened by the anonymity of a keyboard. So ignoring them is the best way to deal with them.

    • True, but why should we do that? You know who being a total wank & who putting up a good argument. It’s best to removed them as someone said, their are a lot of supporters reading these blogs wanting to know about the team. A few are wanting to join so they to can share news on the team. But these fools come here to just create trouble, not agree on anything & now start to threat other members, it shouldn’t get to that stage. 

  • O please. 

    It's amazing how u guys can pick on people for spelling mistakes, poor grammar and even lower yourself with swearing and making fun off people when u can't refute what they are posting.

    I used to enjoy Verticalsmile (Eugene) posts and how he would get under everyone skin. I didn't agree with him call our great club Crappamatta but he was right from time to time. 

    Don't call for the mod to band people when you Slugg can't follow the simple rules of this site.

    You need to lead by example. 


    Bang Bang.


    • Strike one

    • OH puhleez - I used to enjoy Verticalsmile (Eugene) posts at this point you disqualified yourself from intelligent and rational comment.

      The fact is we did BAND together with Slugg to wipe this butthole clean from the site.

      • Are we getting the band back together? This is great news...

This reply was deleted.

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