Super, enough is enough

I’m Eugene has to go. He’s threatened more than one member with violence he boasted he is going to destroy the site and completely disrespects everyone on the site. We don’t need him we don’t want him. Do what must be done, get rid of him.

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  • Hear, hear!

  • Well done super, great job.

  • It looks like Super has gone AWOL and has not responded for calls to put a stop to non compliant blogs.

    I haven't bothered contributing much lately and looks like many members are doing the same. It's a shame because I like the banter that goes on here especially since you get different opinions; but the line has been crossed quite a bit lately and no one seems to be doing anything about it.


    • This site was worth visiting when Phil ran it.

      The biggest mistake he made was to hand it over to Super.

      Go against what Super posts and you get banned. 

      Abuse or threaten other posters and your fine.

      When I first joined this site in 2008 it was awesome.  Now it's a sub par supporters site that has been overtaken by the Cumberland Throw and League Unlimited.

      If Super can't manage this shit then ask others for help!

      • X2

    • Phil left the site as far as I know Axel. He would have fixed this given how well he seemed to run the site when I was lurking. I too won't be contributing anymore until this clown is gone

      • Parrapete you from northern beaches by any chance 🤔

        • No Carlo, western suburbs

          • Hmmmmmm lol you’re new and call me Carlo 🤔🤣

          • Parrapete, her name is actually Carol ;)

This reply was deleted.

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