Style of Football to play

In a discussion at the nursing home on Tuesday Dr Wong, well known surgeon and astute reader of the game of Rugby League and Geoff you know him as Sluggo were discussing the style of football that great teams of the past have played and that this style in particular can win you competitions purely because it is different and can create a capability for not necessarily the best team on paper being the winner.

Examples here would be the stand out teams of the last decade principally Roosters and Melbourne, now the Roosters would in the first instance be more than likely to have the best roster and Melb not, mainly because they have players that just seem to improve exponentially during a season....By the time the finals come around Melb are starting to standout as a real threat....Why ? because they play a type of contact football of keeping it alive!

This discussion came about because we noted that our 2001 side, brilliant, entertaining and breakers of point scoring records  did not have a lot of name players, personally I thought that Brad Drew was the key to the side but the real key was keeping it alive, with all players in motion.....effectively what Melb do and obviously Roosters can be very good at it as well.

Don't really see it with Raiders, Penrith or no other sides come to mind. Stop and think here, when any side is having a "day on" and really wound up for a game,we see more bodies in motion and support play everywhere...... 

The boys said I should put it into Blog and see how the site discusses it and ask the question why some  teams don't seem capable of doing it.

We/NRL have/had many of our coaches go through the Melb Bellamey school but nobody replicates it.....Why....what is so hard about keeping the ball alive and having all our players in motion. How many times are we flat footed in the opposition 25 and we have guys standing around like stale bottles of piss!

This is our challenge, we need our forwards and backs  to all be off loaders .....with the idea of backing up and supporting the ballcarrier and keeping it alive. It used to be called contact football many years ago with teams like Easts 74/75 sides and the great Souths side before that. I looked up Google and can see no reference to "contact" football in the presence.

My guess is we have to live the process and don't step away, be prepared when opposing sides see and learn what is happening and attempt to counter it..... with at least a plan.

Over to you guys to add to Mick and Geoff's  system of making a lessor side on paper a better one on the field!

I will start by saying motivation is an issue and by having good backup's like we do this year means we drop/rest players very quickly with a view of everyone fighting for their position...... no point in dropping  very good players to Reserve Grade unless its disciplinary, otherwise rest them, our fully fit forward line up is shaping as awesome!


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                • Tad,
                   B.A. has proven that he has not he ability to change his style He is not clever to deal with Finals type football. 
                  Nothing will change in 7 years.   Enormous scores come out of the blue  i/e The Broncos in the Final and followed the next match by Melbourne by 32 points. Last year the same problems with the Finals. How many chances will he given?

              • Pop, 

                You need a defensive as well a tactical coach. The backline is terrible as their is no cohesion.
                B.A. has not replaced the quality backs especially Michael Jennings.

                The dence is stationary instead of moving forwards and  no pressure from the attack.

                • It's easy being a critic Keith and its also easy telling them what they should do......the hard part is telling them how to do it. 

                  Maybe this is where you fall short Keith?

                • One of the reasons so many rave about Dylan Brown's defence is because he TACKLES players and does not subscribe to the Girly grab bullshit most of the rest of the team engage in.

                  Gutho is becoming a victim of this girly grab method and let a few tries in last year because he forgot to HIT the oppostion players and went girly grab around the ball.

                  IMO he had Cook well covered in the finals game, but went girly grab with NO timing in his attempt. Cook should have been bundled over the line - miss a girly grab and you are simply helping the opposition score.

                  WE NEED A TACKLING COACH to teach them how to hit, and hit hard.

                  Girly grabs only work when we have 12 men in the tackle - HIT and HURT!


                  • Some good points Col, alot to work on 

                    Too many parts of our game are patchy, with a tough draw there is no where to hide 

                  • A lot of tries are scored when girlie grabs are the go. Little guys can put down a big bopa with a technically correct tackle.

              • We played with little variation owing to what I believe is lack of players that had different skills and abilities. 

                Do not agree colin, not in the slightest.

                We played with little variation because certain parties are out of their depth to allow players to play to their abilities.

                NO ONE has developed what we saw coming out with Nathan Brown in 2019 - he was running good lines, passed the ball a lot more and in 2020 was used solely as a battering ram. No further developemnt of his skills.

                Lane 2019 was great at breaking the line then getting away a pass or simply reaching out his Go Go Gadget arm for a try - 2020 he was disintested and a passenger more often than not. No further development of his abilities.

                Like wise RCG started well, improved immensely then faded off.

                Paulo became less effective as the season went on.

                This is not the hallmark of a top coach, or coaching staff to let players REGRESS in their play.

                No COVID BS because we came out of that strong and confident, there are no excuses for the collapse of the team over season 2020.

                Why does team attitude slide off from winning to just being out there?

                Why does team talent and abilities suddenly disappear?

                Maybe the real object of 1 year contracts is because we can get the best out of players in that first year but cannot progress them beyond that.

                Poppa said "our backs are simply lost" - WHY? That tells me because they are not being coached to the best of their abilities. It tells me they know what needs to be done but are getting instructions that conflict with thier own knowledge and are lost.

                WHY is there no apparent communication within the team during a game? Perhpas because the team do not know the expectations of them or what the plan is.

                The appears to be less and less communication to the team, and within the team the long a season goes on.

                Players do need to own their mistakes and acce[t responsibility for their actions on the field, however is there is blurred communication, or conflicting communication then they are not expected to be held accountable for someone elese's failure. How many times were we commenting on how hard individual players tried during games but no one else seemed to be on the same page as to what was supposed to happen, or was actualy happening.

                NOTHING has changed with the Eels for several years now - NOTHING proactive has emerged - NOTHING new has been tried, but yet we see players who look frustrated and simply stop putting in the effort.

                I will not lay this all at the feet of the players.

                If nothing changes then nothing will ever change, and apart from a few nmes in the team, we have seen no real change at the Eels for years.

                I have applied for membership to the 1EE Execution Squad for 2021 after reading their advertising brochure - very enlightening.

                • Mushy, as per usual now you do not put the players who are causing the problems at fault, rather you put it all on to the coaching staff and more specifically BA.  Both and all are at fault in this area.  The aspect of skills with players and in different areas, that do not compliment each other is the area of concern for me.

                  You point out some players, or many of them that dropped off, yes it happened but the aspect that is missed is that there is no real competition in the top side owing to the way last season was stuffed without the CC puting pressure on the top side.  The players as far as I'm concerned should be the ones coping the flack as to their laziness in applying their abilities to each other in the team.

                  I have watched in the past how players have ignored the coach and as none better are available they keep getting picked yet with other coaches we have had, the opposite has applied, they get one chance after dumb or lazy plays to fix or get dropped. 

                  Looking around the clubs now, and compare their squads for this year and compare to last year and theirs a lot of players out of the NRL, will wait and see how the eels perform this year and hope they pick up.  Most have abilities but they need to use them on the field & that's their job or they should go elsewhere.

                  • And as per usual colin you are more than prepared to defend mediocrity and a coach who is permitted to underperform..

                    To start with the coach has had the oportunity to drop players with suitable replacements available but failed, or refused to do so.

                    I will not lay this all at the feet of the players.

                    Now to my feeble way of thinking this is not saying the coach is 100% to blame but it does say the guy at the top has to pick up some of the flack. Please correct me if I do not know what I mean.

                    But let us address your ascertion I am saying it is all the coaches fault.

                    Fergo / Blake defensive issue - even you complained that nothing seemed to be done about this issue, but if I read you correctly you are now claiming it is players ignoring the coach OR players without the necessary skills. Which one mate? Both Fergo and Blake have proven in the past they do not lack skills, although Blake's defence has always been worthy of mention.

                    The aspect of skills with players and in different areas, that do not compliment each other is the area of concern for me.

                    So who would you say is responsible for correcting this issue and working out plans to recitify this problem? Are the players responsible to fix this or should the coach get involved to devise a method to help fix it?

                    I would like you to be more specific here as I am not sure which players you are referring to. Which players have (so obviously) ignored the coach? Which players do not have the necessary skills to play alongside the rest of the team? You then concluded with this comment which to me appears to contradict your earlier one - Most have abilities but they need to use them on the field & that's their job or they should go elsewhere.

                    CC for the NRL is a total misnomer - 2 rounds played, take a break BUT the Eels came out of the break on fire - not an excuse no matter how you try to twist it. Were the CC players all on holiday for the remainder of the season? If that was the case then please explain how other teams were able to successfully bring CC or ISC players into their FG ranks. Storm in particular had almost half the Sunshine Coast Falcons playing for them at one stage.

                    I agree re players getting lazy is of major concern, however when one loses motivation and enjoyment of the game this is not unusual. I asked the question - Why does team attitude slide off from winning to just being out there?

                    I then followed with - Why does team talent and abilities suddenly disappear?

                    Would you care to address these questions?

                    When a ship at sea, a plane or other such things are involved in accidents or situations that are detrimental it is the guy at the top who is held responsible - The Captain of said vessels.

                    When a team constanly flounders as the Eels have done over the past few years why will you not look at the guy at the top but instead seek others to blame?

                    One of Athrur's most consistent comments at pressers was - "We made (or just keep making) dumb mistakes." Is it not the coaches responsibilty to get those dumb mistakes out of the team?

                    The playing style of the Eels has not altered one bit for the past 5 years while other teams continue to innovate and improve. Do we blame the players or lack of initiative from the coaching staff?

                    I make no secret of the fact I do not like Brad Arthur as a coach, I make no secret that I do not see any overall improvement in our team over the past few years.

                    I do however ask why it continues to be allowed to happen and who should ultimately be held accountable.

                    Go back and answer my first two questions and perhaps we can progress from there.

                    As much as you acuse me of sledging the coach you are equally guilty of defending him without legitimate reason, at least I put up the problems I see while you simply say - "It is not his fault"

                    As brissy would say, give me some facts brother.

                    Your last paragraph has gone completely over my head, we know there are a lot of players out there in the NRL, what was your point?

                    • Settle down Mushy, I can see a lot of people nodding their heads about what you said and you gathering them in your skirts and swirling them around your feet. The soldiers marching past getting ready for the war and avenging your wrath BUT, BUT, BUT

                      we finshed third old boy and last year it was 5th but you keep reminding us of the failures of such a performance......

                      Rather than going into an unholy rage, stop and think they didn't finish at the tail end, .......for someone reading your analysis and not knowing the team they would think they were abject it's time for your nap...which as you pointed out only your friends will tell you Lol  

                      Come back after your nap and explain your criticism was only constructive, just lacking subtlety.

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