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In a discussion at the nursing home on Tuesday Dr Wong, well known surgeon and astute reader of the game of Rugby League and Geoff you know him as Sluggo were discussing the style of football that great teams of the past have played and that this style in particular can win you competitions purely because it is different and can create a capability for not necessarily the best team on paper being the winner.

Examples here would be the stand out teams of the last decade principally Roosters and Melbourne, now the Roosters would in the first instance be more than likely to have the best roster and Melb not, mainly because they have players that just seem to improve exponentially during a season....By the time the finals come around Melb are starting to standout as a real threat....Why ? because they play a type of contact football of keeping it alive!

This discussion came about because we noted that our 2001 side, brilliant, entertaining and breakers of point scoring records  did not have a lot of name players, personally I thought that Brad Drew was the key to the side but the real key was keeping it alive, with all players in motion.....effectively what Melb do and obviously Roosters can be very good at it as well.

Don't really see it with Raiders, Penrith or no other sides come to mind. Stop and think here, when any side is having a "day on" and really wound up for a game,we see more bodies in motion and support play everywhere...... 

The boys said I should put it into Blog and see how the site discusses it and ask the question why some  teams don't seem capable of doing it.

We/NRL have/had many of our coaches go through the Melb Bellamey school but nobody replicates it.....Why....what is so hard about keeping the ball alive and having all our players in motion. How many times are we flat footed in the opposition 25 and we have guys standing around like stale bottles of piss!

This is our challenge, we need our forwards and backs  to all be off loaders .....with the idea of backing up and supporting the ballcarrier and keeping it alive. It used to be called contact football many years ago with teams like Easts 74/75 sides and the great Souths side before that. I looked up Google and can see no reference to "contact" football in the presence.

My guess is we have to live the process and don't step away, be prepared when opposing sides see and learn what is happening and attempt to counter it..... with at least a plan.

Over to you guys to add to Mick and Geoff's  system of making a lessor side on paper a better one on the field!

I will start by saying motivation is an issue and by having good backup's like we do this year means we drop/rest players very quickly with a view of everyone fighting for their position...... no point in dropping  very good players to Reserve Grade unless its disciplinary, otherwise rest them, our fully fit forward line up is shaping as awesome!


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  • i just think we need to play rugba leaaaaague

  • I'm sorry I don't like it, doesn't work.

    • Neither do you moron but they still allow you to be out on your own.

      •  Classic case of blind leading the blind! 

      • don't take that shit Shawney.....tell him how dumb he is....Lol

        You rattled him with that one the other day.

        • I don't know about that Poppa, I have read his comeback 10 times now and I'm just sitting here with my mouth open catching flies.

          He left me speechless with this one.


     I believe one of the most important things is having a smart enough game manager in your side that can change the teams playing style during the game. Things like possession and the scoreboard should result in a style change. If your team is dominating possession early you would want the team playing fast and keeping the ball in play as much as possible. If possession is going the other way you would do the opposite, slow the play by kicking for touch. When the scoreboard  is in your favour you need to play simple attack with a good kick chase forcing your opponents to work from there end of the field. When chasing points you need to play expansive attacking football with plenty of ball movement. 


     The most successful teams over the past years have all had playmakers with the ability to make these simple style changes during a game. Unfortunately, this is 1 major problem with Moses. Hopefully he can work on this part of his game.

    • And who has been the most successful at changing the pace of a game over the past several years? - the biggest grub on earth.

      Reed is way too young to be able to do this, Moses ????? tbh I really don't know what Moses is anymore, I know he is not a leader or game manager though. D Brown - not for a few more years. Gutho???????? can he do that from FB?

      After that my list is bare.

      • See my previous post Mushy.....I said it was Lussick from half, but down the track it may be Lussick from hooker.

        • LOL, as if Lussick will get a look in at half even if The Prophet only has one leg.

          As the pundits and experts keep telling us - only time will tell.

          On that note, wouldn'y you love to get hold of Time's private diary? Aall the things it is supposed to be able to tell would make a Block buster book and movie.


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