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In a discussion at the nursing home on Tuesday Dr Wong, well known surgeon and astute reader of the game of Rugby League and Geoff you know him as Sluggo were discussing the style of football that great teams of the past have played and that this style in particular can win you competitions purely because it is different and can create a capability for not necessarily the best team on paper being the winner.

Examples here would be the stand out teams of the last decade principally Roosters and Melbourne, now the Roosters would in the first instance be more than likely to have the best roster and Melb not, mainly because they have players that just seem to improve exponentially during a season....By the time the finals come around Melb are starting to standout as a real threat....Why ? because they play a type of contact football of keeping it alive!

This discussion came about because we noted that our 2001 side, brilliant, entertaining and breakers of point scoring records  did not have a lot of name players, personally I thought that Brad Drew was the key to the side but the real key was keeping it alive, with all players in motion.....effectively what Melb do and obviously Roosters can be very good at it as well.

Don't really see it with Raiders, Penrith or no other sides come to mind. Stop and think here, when any side is having a "day on" and really wound up for a game,we see more bodies in motion and support play everywhere...... 

The boys said I should put it into Blog and see how the site discusses it and ask the question why some  teams don't seem capable of doing it.

We/NRL have/had many of our coaches go through the Melb Bellamey school but nobody replicates it.....Why....what is so hard about keeping the ball alive and having all our players in motion. How many times are we flat footed in the opposition 25 and we have guys standing around like stale bottles of piss!

This is our challenge, we need our forwards and backs  to all be off loaders .....with the idea of backing up and supporting the ballcarrier and keeping it alive. It used to be called contact football many years ago with teams like Easts 74/75 sides and the great Souths side before that. I looked up Google and can see no reference to "contact" football in the presence.

My guess is we have to live the process and don't step away, be prepared when opposing sides see and learn what is happening and attempt to counter it..... with at least a plan.

Over to you guys to add to Mick and Geoff's  system of making a lessor side on paper a better one on the field!

I will start by saying motivation is an issue and by having good backup's like we do this year means we drop/rest players very quickly with a view of everyone fighting for their position...... no point in dropping  very good players to Reserve Grade unless its disciplinary, otherwise rest them, our fully fit forward line up is shaping as awesome!


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  • Today's game is too structured and a little boring for me. I'd love to see more ad-lib footy like the 2001 team gave us. They didn't know what they were going to do at times neither did the opposition.

    • They are unbelievable highlights Slugg, anyone that hasn't seen them for a while should have a look, then show your friends......I had forgotten how good some of those tries were.......

      • What a season it was. Heartbraking to end the way it did.

      • It was really tough having to sit and watch that every week. 

      • We have 2 guys that are very capable to play that style of footy.

        We have a full back perfect for sniffing an off load.

        The only thing is with how we play is it's our foward pack.Right now it's a grind them into the dust get to a spot and then let Brown and Moses loose.

        This is where our halves must grow.I remember when Moses first arrived he turned up all over the shop short sides and hands on the ball.

        The biggest problem with what we could be and what we are is our halves need more hands on the pill and we need to attack from every where.As soon as anyone rolls the middle the halves need to call the shots not another foward wasting a tackle.

        This is where Arthur tactically has to make a decision in what we want to be.

        For me there's no secrets in Arthur's game plans it's percentage roll teams middles and go off the back of it.

        • Good reply Coryn, I think you have summed it up pretty well.

  • It starts at the top, if those at the top cannot devise plans to utilise the talent withinn the team then there will be no "style" of football played.

    I am expecting more of the 5 one out runs up the middle, kick and hope, with the occassional lucky breaks to bring some points.

    I do not believe, and have less faith in the people at the top to change.

    We have the players, and will recruit a couple more before June 30 imo, but it all starts at the top.


  • Offloading the ball is not an issue for this team, we lead this stats by a  fair way last season. There are 4 issues with the way we attack, 1. Support play and supporting the ball ball carrier is non existent at times 2.when we play direct and through the middle we look unstoppable doesn't happen often enough 3. Combination between Reed, Moses and Brown needs a heap of work it's seems they have to stick to a particular role rarely do you see thier footy instincts key in 4. D Brown should be first receiver in the red zone  with Moses pushing up in support this would suit both players. BTW the power game cannot be sustained for 26 rounds and finals need to find different ways of winning and with these new changes we need to burn teams with skill and power combined. Offloads are one part  creating 3 on 2's short side play , ball playing before the line etc there a heap in skill in the team but sometimes seems hesitant in attack or does BA have the shackles on them? Not sure 2001 and 2009 the skills I level of both teams was off the chart 

    • yes Mick all good mate The problem seems to be what happens after the first offload. I managed to see Beetson play for with us and players were always giving him options because they knew he would offload. The timing was key to doing a good offload and having players in motion to make create the ad-libbing Slugg is talking about...I agree we are flatfooted in opposition with dumb one-up runners crashing into 3 or 4 defense players Very predictable .Its okay to do that stuff if you are working to set some sort of plan to set something else up. That rarely seemed to happen. A kicking game and creating doubt and confusion for a defense is something we need to perfect. The key players are Paulo-I think he is a creative Artie Beetson style of player. Moses at his best can put us in another gear. Brown still is a bit hesitant on what to do --run? pass? or kick.. I think we have the player talent to go very far into the comp. What is the high risk of us falling apart is how we handle the pressure. It is going to be a very competitive year with luck being a factor as it has been in lots of games last year..Mental toughness prevents frustrations that lead to errors, loss of possession and presenting short periods of cheap short periods of scoring opportunities. I think Gutho has grown last year as he seems to be getting more confident as a leader..

      One thing that did show up last year was how souths got their act together later in the season----That is due to good coaching. Penrith will grow a lot from last year. It will not be easy for us. The first few games will be of interest.

      • Agree Tad also what you off the ball is just important as what you do with ball

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