Spot the difference


See if you can spot the difference in these statements.

NRL's Statement 1 on George Burgess  (Monday 28 March 2022) following his "sexual touching charges":

"The NRL will allow Burgess to keep playing while he is before the courts, and the 29-year-old will be up for selection when the Dragons face the Parramatta Eels this weekend in round four."


So, as not to prejudice Burgess's criminal proceedings case (i.e. sexual touching), the NRL will wait the outcome of that case before taking any action for possible breaches of NRL rules" it said in its statement.

NRL Statement, 28 March 2022


"The National Rugby League [NRL] has advised the St George Illawarra Dragons that player George Burgess will be permitted to continue playing in the NRL Premiership while subject to criminal proceedings."

"The policy gives the NRL chief executive discretion to apply the policy for offences that carry less than 11 years' jail."

"The decision in no way forms a judgement on the allegations against Burgess, which are serious, and the NRL reserves the right to impose a no-fault stand-down in the future."


NRL Statement 2 on Dylan Brown (Wednesday 7 June, 2023) following his "sexual touching charges":


"The NRL has today advised the Parramatta Eels that Dylan Brown is subject to a No-Fault Stand Down Condition under the NRL Rules."

"New South Wales Police charged Dylan Brown with several counts of sexually touch without consent following an incident at Double Bay on Saturday 3 June 2023."

"The NRL decision should in no way be interpreted as a view on the innocence or guilt of the player."




Can anyone see the subtle difference despite the exact same charges?


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      • The definition of sexual touching is pretty low level and for a first time offence, no conviction would most probably not be recorded Brissy, the question's we don't know is where the girl is coming from, what does she want to achieve out of it and is there anything that we don't know that could raise the charges to assault.

        On face value there is absolutely no way he would receive a custodial sentence, again if we take notice of what Michael Erickson said, his lawyers will be looking for an approach to make a low level guilty plea, receive a fine and move on.

        The last thing anyone wants is this to go to trial or even have the need to go to trial. If it does you would be looking at a year to eighteen months before it was heard. This said if there is no, "he said, she said argy bargy", then I dont know what a trial would prove.Finally as you guys have validly pointed out the NRL have no more information than the public have  for all intents and purposes and as such are not even in a position to make a judgement at all and the precedent they have created speaks against them.......I believe that Parramatta Football club should be getting an injunction against the NRL on the basis of their actions are bringing the game into more disrepute, purely because of their inconsiderations.Further to this there is a restraint in trade for both the player involved and the team he represents without having both their rights represented to an appropriate NRL Board for logical explanation of the decision's they have made.


        • Pops maybe the girl would like to be able to go out dance have a good night without some grub grabbing her tits. One thing I know is this chick's family is extremely wealthy, and money is not the objective.

          • Well lets hope money is not the driver Graham as it would bely the fact that she was having a dance for anything but a good time. These girls that go to these places (generalisation) are renowned to go there to be picked up. What I have been told by my sons and there sons the game is not to wear underwear or just a g-string and flash the boys. I never forget my middle son who is now 45 (then 22) and we his mother and me were having drinks at Jade Bhuddah in Brisbane after the cricket and this bird comes up to him and says in front of his mother and me, "are you going to take me home and fuck me or what". No one was really surprised and I was amused thinking why wasn't I 20 again, but it was not unusual!

            Going out and having a dance only have your tits "touched" would say there is something wrong with her and if her parents are very wealthy its a good reason not to put your kid into the papers.

            From what I have been told its worse now, because the girls hold all the aces! Sorry but I don't feel sorry for the girl unless the circumstances are dramatically different and she went there wrongly thinking it was a church dance......

            Carlo on here says she has been part of that scene and basically said you need to know how to handle yourself. Knowing Carlo my guess would be Dyllan would have been kicked in the balls and sent packing.

            Graham on your dislike for Dyllan probably makes you the wrong person to comment.


            • His intelligence probably makes him the wrong person too, Poppa. One minute he knows all the facts, next minute he doesn't. Of course there's women trying to hook up with young footy players, been happening since Jesus was a boy, and not just NRL players, happens all over the countryside as well.

              If, as Graham supposedly knows some facts again in this comment, her family are wealthy and it's not about the money, then that leads one to assume it's about being wronged ie. being groped without consent and making an example of the perpetrator. IF that's the case, then again, I find it very hard to believe 5 times, both hands, both breasts in 60 seconds. Just makes zero sense, especially in a public place where it would be easy to get away after the 1st grope that apparently so incensed you, or slap him, or yell, or turn away, or whatever else. 5 times in 60 seconds with both hands leads me to believe she was OK with it to some extent or it just can't  have happened like that in my opinion.

  • Sadly for the Adolphins, aka the Adolfs, they are starting to show their true colours as losers now.

    They even chose the main 3rd reich colours.

    Embarrassingly humiliated tonight and looking set for the bottom 4, where everybody expected them to be.

    They can only fake it for so long, the wheels are starting to fall off now and the bandwagons getting smaller.

    Poor Wayne, hold on, another try for the out of form eagles, this is becomming a real humiliation and disgrace for the Adolfs, looks like the 70 barrier may be broken here.

    • No one thought they were going to make the 8, but they have had a far better season than most thought. Of course they were eventually going to hit the wall, even the Broncos did in 1988 with virtually an entire Origin team. They'll finish about 12th with about 8 wins which is exactly where I thought they would finish. And that's a great first season for them. They've got a good platform for future success in place. 

      • Spot on Brett, I tipped an 8-12th finish would be a great 1st year. They had a tonne of players out last night - Gilbert, Wallace, O'Sullivan, Milford, Kaufusi and to then lose another 2 during the game certainly wasn't ideal. Still no excuse for some terrible defence, they just didn't show up from the start. Anything they do this year they'll definitely build on, already a couple of very good signings for next year.

      • I was just throwing the teaser out Bretto.

        The Adolphs have done very well this year.

        • That wasn't a teaser, it was a live mackeral looking for a Marlin! Lol

  • Let's not forget Dylan Brown has history. He was caught out having sex in a public toilet which whilst was filmed illegally,  wasn't a great look for the game. Imagine the young girl's parents,  how would they feel about their daughter and Dylan. Take her to your appointment how hard can that be. As a professional sports person,  Dylan should have known better. .but obviously he doesn't know

    I have no doubt that Dylan's history played a part on this situation. 

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