I would like to thank someone on this site who recommended I watch "The Game Changers" on Netflix which is about what diet is best for superior sports performance. It is a great sports Documentary which covers performance excellence around diets. It does make you think about how serious some athletes look after their bodies these days when competing at the highest level. Smoking, alcohol, drugs. McDonald's? are they a thing of the past for the new generation of highly disciplined serious athelete,s?

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  • Tad there will always be some naturally gifted athletes who can perform while on a bad diet while others need to live healthy to be any chance of professional level so we will continue to see both,   look how many high level athletes have hidden drug problems.

    Also considering drinking and partying is a large part of young males lives now and a lot of kids in league are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds the NRL will always have plenty of stories of players failing to live up to the hype and potential.  It would appear either Haas and/or Fifita at the broncos will be perfect examples with both full of promise but seem to lack the understanding and discipline that  is required of a professional sportsman in today's society.

    That said with strong team bond alcohol bans seem to have worked in the past so sports science definitely has its place.  There is talk of plenty of broncos now trying plant based diet after Boyd encouraged them to watch game changers. 

    The problem with film though is although there are top athletes in the film in wasn't just their switch to reduce meat in their diet that led to success.  Many were already at top of game prior to diet change.  The change to plant based diet also coincided with other things such as avoiding processed sugars and food so results can't be concluded meat is bad as the film portrayed.  The same results can be achieved by eating balanced diet of meat along with, plant based food such as fruit and veges and avoiding processed foods.

    There is also a diet known as carnivore diet that some people have tried and guess what, they claim to have heaps of energy, more so then any other previous diet.  There is even science papers that conclude that it can boost energy levels due to excess protein.  The problem is science of diets is always changing what is good and what is bad so so despite sports science having huge part in game any team relying on any extreme sport science changes should be very wary and careful going outside what they have done in the past.  Look at eels 2018 having AFL trainer and running based fitness program over tried and tested league strength and conditioning.

    • Yes FM I take on board what you have said. My daughter's partner researched this claim's about these diets and Guess what we have Scientists saying that a carnivore diet is good for you. It is difficult to find out the truth with anything these days when powerful vested interests will always come out and disprove anything which will affect their market. The evidence in this is compelling and certainly does no harm.I am currently reading a book called Medical mediums written by Anthony Williams. He has am massive following about the medicinal properties of plant-based foods as a healing treatment for many conditions which are simply classified in the I don,t know basket and labelled as things like depression, chronic fatigue etc. Both my daughters are following this person and have been doing very well on it. The case studies of success are very interesting with people who have been doing the Doctor Specialist rounds for years without any success..

  • Now that you've watched the Game Changers, I highly suggest you read this. https://www.biolayne.com/articles/research/the-game-changers-review...

    The Game Changers is essentially bullshit.

    Nutrition itself is important to sports performance. It's why clubs have nutritionists and chefs and why so much research has gone into the diets of elite athletes.

    The Game Changers Review – A Scientific Analysis (Updated)
    Updated on November 20th, 2019 at 6:17pm EST Fixed pdf reference link A clarification regarding energy emissions as opposed to merely transportation
    • Thanks Sir Super. There is some material on Youtube discussing this topic. It sounds like another one of these climate science types of debates. Trying to decipher the material is difficult as no doubt vested interest groups would be involved in this as a lot of money is involved in protecting various markets etc. I will follow it up abit more for my own interest.

      • I'm not getting into a debate on climate science. The science is unequivocal these days. It is not up for debate.

        But on this, it's more a case of, the documentary makers have conflicts of interest but their underlying premise would be a good one. How effective would a plant-based diet be for athletes? Unfortunately they go down the path of trying to make out veganism as the answer to elite sport performance, which is not the case and is relatively easily disproven. Like the diets of gladiators, the whole Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz fight (Joe Rogan also had a podcast episode on this and he explained that Nate isn't wholly vegan, he just goes vegan when he's cutting) and then the ridiculous claims about great apes being vegan and being massive which, again, at the very least is them misunderstanding the research, at worst they understand it and deliberately lie/misrepresent it to fit their narrative.

        • Of course a dead rotting corpse turning your body into a graveyard is so good for you. The strongest, biggest animals in the world are vegetarian. Cows, sheep etc get their protein  from grass. You don't have to be too smart to figure it out. Every genius who has changed history was vegetarian including your smart phone inventor. Not only sport people. Myself age appropriate can run rings around the majority in my dance classes

          • So can you explain to me why, what a cow eats is relevant to us? Last time I checked I'm a mammal with one stomach. Not a ruminant with four stomachs designed to break down grass.

            I'm sure you'll bring up gorillas. Now, a gorilla eats 18kg of food a day to become the size they are.

            • Keet supers got you here, he's bang on.

              Grass eaters have differet stomach's than us

              • You all miss my point that humans who consume meat for protein are eating animals who are vegetarian and consume grass for their source of protein. 

                • Carnivores rarely eat other carnivores. Herbivores are for food. Carnivores are for sleeping on the end of your bed.

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