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SenJamie Soward has rated all 16 teams in NRL this year with Parra right up with the top rated B plus . He said Parra would have been up the top with an A if a bit more consistency and congratulated BA for job well done .   


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              • Yeah I don't mind it either.

        • He excels at that but you watch how many things he gets wrong. Like all the Dinosaurs who have been around too long his knowledge of the game is outdated. It’s not his fault but he is basing his understanding on a different era of the game. 

  • Who is Jamie Soward?

  • Seriously Soward.

    I wouldn't take his advice on a butt plug purchase

  • It doesn't matter what Soward says. He is a turtle. 

  • poor finch must be on something huge..

This reply was deleted.

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