Who stays, who goes and who comes in?

1. Teddy

2. Tupou

3. Latrell

4. Wighton (didn't think he should have been selected but surprised me)

5. JAC (offers more than To'o I think)

6.  Moses (have to have a 2nd kicking option and Moses is about as good as it gets in this department and offers a good running game)

7. Cleary (let's face it, he won't be axed despite that poor performance)

8. Haas

9. Api

10. Junior

11. Murray

12. Crichton

13. Yeo

14. Paps/Hynes/Burton (case can be made for all of them)

15. RCG

16. Jurbo

17. Frizzell

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  • Airhead won't separate Cleary and Luau. He won't drop Cook. Mitchell would not have had a game for at least 10wks, plus he and Wighton play the same side. Murray is ineffective on an edge, Frizell is way past his best. He shouldn't drop any of the wingers, they both ran for over 200mtrs and did nothing wrong.

    • Yep, agree he won't separate them, just naming what I'd do and why. Both wingers ran plenty, but they were running out from our own end far, far too often. I reckon Staggs will be out for a few weeks, if Mitchell is available I reckon Freddy picks him. Murray needs to start, and so does Yeo, so I think you accommodate him on an edge. He scored that try to make it game on again while playing on the edge and there's no doubt he is up to it defensively. Frizell and Jurbo are both built for Origin and do the hard yards. Jurbo not being picked was a massive blunder by Freddy, he just controls that middle and when he hits, he really hits and let's the opposition know he's there. He simply has to be back in the team.

  • Freddie needs to stop being cute with his selections. The obvious team is usually the best one. Origin isn't about clever tactics, it's about heart & effort on effort. 

    • It's also about field position and with Cleary being put under pressure there was no option B for the kicking duties. I think Luai kicked maybe twice? Qld dominated field position for a majority of the game and several of Cleary's kicks were under pressure and bog average. Even under pressure, Moses still normally manages to find plenty of distance and accuracy. I know it's not going to happen, Luai will be there for sure, just throwing my team out there and the reasons why I'd select it.

      • It was poor game management  by Cleary, how many times did he kick on the 5th with the kick pressure coming from his right ?

        If your prime kicker is a righty, then the 4th tackle play has to go left to open up the field for the right foot kicker.
        That's on Cleary.  

  • I wouldn't make huge changes. We just need to wrestle, hold down and create chaos in the ruck. Honestly the only change I would make would be bringing in the three middles with the fastest play the balls. If that isn't haas, paulo, rcg and Matterson then so be it. The ref showed this isn't nrl, it's refereed differently and needs a different style of player. Not saying our middles couldn't be picked again, I'm just not sure actually which middles have the fastest play the balls. No use making metres and offering ball playing ability skills if you play the ball slowly.

    • Nitram, serious question - do you honestly think NSW would have been allowed to control the ruck like Qld did? I don't, I can nearly guarantee there would have been 6 agains and/or penalties called if they tried it. That last set of 6 is a perfect example, there should have been multiple repeat sets (not that there was time) and the last play on Yeo was a ridiculously long hold down that should have been a penalty for repeated infringements but Klein blew nothing.

      • We will never know. But what I do know is both sides are good on paper. NSW more so, but not by a huge amount. So slight referee decisions around the play the ball can have huge ramifications. What you would have had (with the ref enforcing the ruck rules like an nrl game) is nsw winning. Sure Qld would have scrambled well, do the little 1%ers brilliantly like they did. But it wouldn't have been enough and nsw would have got penalty after penalty and eventually Qld would have had a player sent off and boom flood gates.

        Saying all that it's nsw fault for not adapting on the run and realising the ref was ignoring ruck infringements. I really believe the ref wasn't cheating (or paid off or anything) but went in thinking he needed to limit penalities to be seen as a "good" ref. If he was being fairdinkum he'd admit he lost control.

  • Freddy Fiddled won't make any changes except maybe Latrell Mitchell for Staggs and maybe JAC that's it. It's rigged anyway. It was either Qld win game 1 or Game 2 so there could be a decider at Suncorp to chase the big $$$$ and sponsors the betting agencies. The NRL would like Billy Slutter to be the winning coach to keep the State of Origin alive and kicking

    • Hahaha rigged?... What did I say the other day? Everytime NSW loses it's because the nrl want QLD to win. You are completely delusional if you honestly think state of origin is rigged.

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