Six on the bench?

While there is no reserve grade would it make sense to have six on the bench. Still the same number of interchanges but coaches can use all six if they choose too. This would mean that if teams have injuries the replacements would have had some game time rather than replacements with no game time for three or four months. 

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  • more coverage for injuries 

  • I reckon it  makes sense.  If parra  get a few more  early wins and hardly any  injuries, I'd  be rotating some of forwards give young fella ago

  • I like it. Allows for more flexibility in the rotation and you can adapt to what is happening on the field.

  • Not a fan sorry, the open nature of the weekends games was due to fatigue from the new rules, having 6 on the bench would go some way to nullifying this and we'd be back to where we were. I'm of the opinion we still should reduce the interchange further to create more fatigue. Injuries hurt you with your rotation, but look how the Knights scrambled after losing 2 players including Pearce after 7 minutes, that was a great effort to get a draw.


    • I think the point Slug was making Brissy was not be able to use the 6....but 4 of the six, presumably with a view to giving players a run for fitness and would for example given circumstances to date not caused Taka to get any time and someone like a Kaufusi or even a Field getting a run.

      As an aside if Field is on a development contract he could not play to July1 is that correct still in this shortened series?

      • No I think development players can be included in the 17 due to the lack of lower grade games.

      • What I was trying to say was with no reserve grade games clubs have a lot of players sitting on their arses playing monopoly. Having six on the bench coaches would have the option of using all six if they want to give more players some game time. As for fatigue I think less rather than more. 

  • Would the N.Z. Warriors have six on the bench or would it be sex on the bench due to their accent and pronunciation of words.

    • At my age sex on the bench would more like sux on the bench. 

      • I think that's not a bad option.

        Opens up the gaps and possibilities


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