• Greg Hartley anyone

          • Definitely 

      • What the trainers don't get a go,  boyboys/ girls? X FACTOR. Thanks for the Giggle

  • If only Hipgrave was playing. He’d be short odds though

    • Wish he was playing as he is better than Stone.

  • NRL settting new records here. Records for sin bins and send offs.  The same NRL that now suddenly feels the need to crack down on the so called issues that they themselves must have allowed to creep into the game.  The same NRL that only a few weks ago were happy to issue fines to players for head shots. The same NRL that has introduced ridiculous rules that clearly don't account for attacking players falling into tackles, dropping their hips, or slipping, and yet, in a micro second the tackler is supposed to miraculously avoid contact in, a contact sport.  Yes, a contact sport.  What next ?  You tackled a player too hard? The new rules suck the big one.  Businessmen wanting to speed up the game as they see entertainment value.  What we are now seeing is fatigued players, who make mistakes and the very same NRL that chose to speed up the game for "entertainment", now want to penalise players.  What was wrong with our game as it was?  Even the players are now coming forward and saying it.  It is a contact sport.  NRL is not improving the game with these new rules or the crackdown. They are killing the game.  Foul and wreckless play is one thind, unbalanced and illogical is another.


    • That's right EE. Speeding up the game was not about player welfare. It's far more dangerous for players to be fatigued. They'll make mistakes & injuries will increase. These Greek-Gestapo crackdowns are as much about money & liability. NRL want their cake & to eat it too.

      • Yep!

    • Certainly gives the shit sides a fighting chance, the gulf between the top 5 and the rest is huge and I'd imagine ratings have dropped. This rubbish levels the playing field, at least at first.

      • Bup, and maybe that's PVL's real thinking? Even the games. We have seen teams reduced to 12 or 11 leak points. 

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