Seriously Delusional

Just listening to Greenberg on Fox Sports, and the grub is dead set delusional. Claimed the AFL being put on a pedestal is not fair and that the NRL had the same amount of money in the bank as them. Hello, real world to Todd, you claimed you had a surplus of $30 million in the bank BUT you knew you owed the players retirement fund and others at least $21 million that wasn't paid for 3 years after you finally made some of the books available to see!!!! You own NOTHING, not a thing, not even your own offices - you've spent BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS, and are somehow spending $500K A DAY running the game - yep, $500K A DAY!!!! You have not explained where all the money went for years, and you've been asked plenty of times by the clubs and the media. You have no answers.

Yes, the AFL should be put on a pedestal compared to the NRL, in fact the AFL pedestal should be placed right on top of the pile of shit that is the NRL that you have created, Todd. The AFL just secured a $600 Million dollar line of credit, remembering this was done in the uncertain times of COVID-19, mainly because they own a heap of assets like their offices and some stadiums. The NRL couldn't even get a loan of $50 million a couple of years ago when things were booming and you'd somehow spent another billion dollars in TV rights money without explaining where it all went. Gill McLachlan said he was taking a 50% pay cut immediately and he did it. What did you do Todd? Ummm I'm standing down without pay, no I'm just taking a 25% cut while the players get up to 80% cuts, ummm ohhh, hang on, why is the media being so nasty to me, OK I guess I'll have to take a bigger cut. What an absolute wanker, I've never believed a word he said - remember Barba, Tandy, Seward.....the list goes on.

I am completely over this bald muppet. I said from day 1 he was a myth and a fraud, how the hell he has persisted in this role is beyond me and a complete embarrassment to the game. Anyone who supports this idiot continuing in this role for 1 more minute is even more delusional than him!!!


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          • Oh how I love my velcro hush puppies! So comfy. You should try them little snakie my internet safety boy. 

            Apologies, I forgot officer snakie, your opinion and those of your little friends are the only ones welcome on this site. 

            • EAM, you'd still be wearing your resoled desert boots with your socks pulled up, your year 6 grey stubbies, with the front coin pocket that are 3 szes too small, a white tennis polo shirt with cheap kilometrico pens in the pocket, in 3 colours, comb tucked into the sock, a keyring with 50 keys attached to your stubbies, to supervise again at the country womans baking competition.

              Youre living in the past you dope.

              • Sorry officer Snakie, but is it really me living in the past?

                This coming from people who couldn't handle the NRL showing how much it has progressed in a commercial - Not enough 'biff''!  - "why the homosexuals?" - "Why the aboriginal flag?". 

                And btw ... there is nothing wrong with the country womans baking competition - Betty's Apple spice cake with brown sugar frosting is delicious. 

                • i find the Aboriginal flag highly offensive, it should be classed as an international symbol of hate imo, along with all the LGBTQ, ANTIFA,feminist and all victim symbols.

                  Should be banned and illegal to display..


                  • Agreed.

                    I was at my local shopping centre the other day, walking back to my car with my 22 year old son. As I got to my car an aboriginal man came up to me in an aggressive manner yelling and waving his arms around. He said "taking photos of me bro,what the f*ck are you taking pictures of me for?" - then he gave me a bit of a shove. By now his two mates were standing nearby with a couple of women. I said I hadn't taken any pictures of him and suggested he piss off. He then snatched at my phone - which ended up on the ground - then picked it up - I just stood there. He then looked thru my phone (I don't use a phone lock) and discovered that I hadn't taken any pictures of him. Then he said something like "sorry bro - I'm paranoid aye" then continued to stare at me aggressively.


                    Anyway, as I punched him to the ground with his predictably gutless coward mates standing by doing nothing, I came to a realisation that many of these people think they are a law unto themselves - we've let them walk all over us for way to long. This imbecile actually thought he had a right to put his hands on me without any consequences - bzzzzzt wrong!! I thought about calling the cops but what's the point - they'd do nothing. At least the violent grub will hopefully stay away from my shopping centre in the future. He can go harrass people somewhere else - once his dopey face heals.

                    At least I got to show my lad that Dad's still got it :))




                    • When I was in Surfers a few weeks ago, the only person I saw wearing a face mask was an Aboriginal bloke.

                      I'm still a bit confused.


                    • What's confusing about that? Please explain. I beg you. 

                    • Your story is as believable as one of your mate Trump's yarns. Good way to spread hate though. 

                    • Outstanding effort Kram, thats what i call based parenting.

                    • Kram its a victim mentality for some. You have put this very well.

                      Greenburg is only on the supposed front foot because he has been caught out. If people cannot see this then they need to re-think about this.


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