Seriously Delusional

Just listening to Greenberg on Fox Sports, and the grub is dead set delusional. Claimed the AFL being put on a pedestal is not fair and that the NRL had the same amount of money in the bank as them. Hello, real world to Todd, you claimed you had a surplus of $30 million in the bank BUT you knew you owed the players retirement fund and others at least $21 million that wasn't paid for 3 years after you finally made some of the books available to see!!!! You own NOTHING, not a thing, not even your own offices - you've spent BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS, and are somehow spending $500K A DAY running the game - yep, $500K A DAY!!!! You have not explained where all the money went for years, and you've been asked plenty of times by the clubs and the media. You have no answers.

Yes, the AFL should be put on a pedestal compared to the NRL, in fact the AFL pedestal should be placed right on top of the pile of shit that is the NRL that you have created, Todd. The AFL just secured a $600 Million dollar line of credit, remembering this was done in the uncertain times of COVID-19, mainly because they own a heap of assets like their offices and some stadiums. The NRL couldn't even get a loan of $50 million a couple of years ago when things were booming and you'd somehow spent another billion dollars in TV rights money without explaining where it all went. Gill McLachlan said he was taking a 50% pay cut immediately and he did it. What did you do Todd? Ummm I'm standing down without pay, no I'm just taking a 25% cut while the players get up to 80% cuts, ummm ohhh, hang on, why is the media being so nasty to me, OK I guess I'll have to take a bigger cut. What an absolute wanker, I've never believed a word he said - remember Barba, Tandy, Seward.....the list goes on.

I am completely over this bald muppet. I said from day 1 he was a myth and a fraud, how the hell he has persisted in this role is beyond me and a complete embarrassment to the game. Anyone who supports this idiot continuing in this role for 1 more minute is even more delusional than him!!!


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      • 2 replies in a matter of 7 minutes after 1am. Not sure who the special case is here. 

  • Greenburg is a politician, no more, no less. Look at the Cameron Smith wifes ring debacle, for one example. He is a manager and all they do is put out spot fires, a leader on the other hand, has a plan,says follow me and leads by example . I have no faith in him

    • Petty stuff. 

      • No, truth. He's a reactive politician, not a proactive leader, simple as that.

      • EAM, name some of Greenburg's greatest achievements and/or occasions when he has demonstrated genuine leadership qualities?

        • Now

          • So you think Greenberg is showing leadership now, what about his back flips on his salary, how he's pissed the clubs and players off? It's V'Landys that's running the show at the moment. Even Kent, Hooper and others have given it to Greenberg and said he won't last.


            • Well if Kent, Hopper, Buzz and all the other old timers sucking on Murdoch's saggy bosom say it then they must be right. Right? Open your eyes.
              Someone earlier here was blamimg Todd for the Eels salary cap punishement. Let's not forget who in the media had the loudest voice in getting the Eels punished. Your hero, Paul Kent. 

              • What about how he promised to bring player managers to account for their complicent part in salary cap issues ... now that could've been one of his greatest achievements if he had ever followed up on  his idle threats!!!!

                What about how he got the info from his mate and how he recommended sewerage from his bulldogs association and how Seward was advised how to handle salary up issues directly from his friend Todd ... directly dragging us into the mud to begin with 

                just a little thing but for eg when blabber mouth Maloney mentioned one of his TpAs were sourced by panthers club what did he do about it?

                sure we did wrong but if you think he didn't use us as a planned stepping stone with his 'news to stop the sporting nation' you haven't been paying attention 

                his eyes are shut wide open since 




          • Yes, now, EAM. brissyeel criticised Greenburg and his record and mostly everyone agrees with that criticism. You, obviously don't and are defending the NRL CEO but you haven't laid a scrap of evidence to absolve Greenburg of brissy's criticism. Here's your chance. What has he achieved and when did he exhibit real leadership ability?

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