Seriously Delusional

Just listening to Greenberg on Fox Sports, and the grub is dead set delusional. Claimed the AFL being put on a pedestal is not fair and that the NRL had the same amount of money in the bank as them. Hello, real world to Todd, you claimed you had a surplus of $30 million in the bank BUT you knew you owed the players retirement fund and others at least $21 million that wasn't paid for 3 years after you finally made some of the books available to see!!!! You own NOTHING, not a thing, not even your own offices - you've spent BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS, and are somehow spending $500K A DAY running the game - yep, $500K A DAY!!!! You have not explained where all the money went for years, and you've been asked plenty of times by the clubs and the media. You have no answers.

Yes, the AFL should be put on a pedestal compared to the NRL, in fact the AFL pedestal should be placed right on top of the pile of shit that is the NRL that you have created, Todd. The AFL just secured a $600 Million dollar line of credit, remembering this was done in the uncertain times of COVID-19, mainly because they own a heap of assets like their offices and some stadiums. The NRL couldn't even get a loan of $50 million a couple of years ago when things were booming and you'd somehow spent another billion dollars in TV rights money without explaining where it all went. Gill McLachlan said he was taking a 50% pay cut immediately and he did it. What did you do Todd? Ummm I'm standing down without pay, no I'm just taking a 25% cut while the players get up to 80% cuts, ummm ohhh, hang on, why is the media being so nasty to me, OK I guess I'll have to take a bigger cut. What an absolute wanker, I've never believed a word he said - remember Barba, Tandy, Seward.....the list goes on.

I am completely over this bald muppet. I said from day 1 he was a myth and a fraud, how the hell he has persisted in this role is beyond me and a complete embarrassment to the game. Anyone who supports this idiot continuing in this role for 1 more minute is even more delusional than him!!!


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  • Spot on Brissy.

  • The AFL and ARU are run more efficiently and professionally than the NRL.

    Where has all the money gone?

    • The ARU ?

      Not even Greenberg is that bad.

  • Yes agreed here in principle; and he has not been the only ineffective CEO.

  • Yep he almost reminds me of a rich woman's wife who likes spending money but doesn't care if he has anything to show for it afterwards.

    Look at me I'm on TV.

    Ooooops we got a problem let's pay someone to fix it or have another meeting.

    Greeturd is his nickname for a reason.

  • The bloke is a pure conman 

  • Never liked him even when he was @ the dogs. The fact that he made it to the top job in the NRL is a reflection on the game itself...sadly.

    next to V'Landys, Greenburg is well beyond his depth and has nowhere to hide.

  • I just want to tie him to a chair on a forty degree day in my backyard, leave him there for a few hours and cook an egg on his head.

  • You guys all sound like c#$ty Kenty. 

    I like Todd. He has shown a lot of leadership qualities. No one ever in this position will ever please the NRL skin tags. 

    • How has he shown leadership ?

      Really. Everything he does is purely reactive. 

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