Round 1 Predicted Parramatta Eels team - Fox sports


1 Clint Gutherson

2 Maika Sivo

3 Waqa Blake

4 Michael Oldfield

5 Blake Ferguson

6 Dylan Brown

7 Mitchell Moses

8 Junior Paulo

9 Reed Mahoney

10 Reagan Campbell-Gillard

11 Shaun Lane

12 Ryan Matterson

13 Nathan Brown

14 Bryce Cartwright

15 Isaiah Papali’i

16 Marata Niukore

17 Oregon Kaufusi

2021 squad: Daniel Alvaro, Waqa Blake, Dylan Brown, Nathan Brown, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Blake Ferguson, Clint Gutherson, Keegan Hipgrave, Michael Jennings (stood down), Oregon Kaufusi, Shaun Lane, Joey Lussick, Reed Mahoney, Ryan Matterson, Mitchell Moses, Marata Niukore, Michael Oldfield, Tom Opacic, Isaiah Papali’i, Junior Paulo, Jordan Rankin, Maika Sivo, Will Smith, Bryce Cartwright

2021 gains: Joey Lussick (Salford), Tom Opacic (Cowboys), Isaiah Papali’i (Warriors), Michael Oldfield (Raiders), Keegan Hipgrave (Titans), Nathaniel Roache (Warriors), Bryce Cartwright (Titans)

2021 losses: Stefano Utoikamanu (Tigers), Kane Evans (Warriors), Andrew Davey (Sea Eagles), George Jennings (Storm), David Gower (retired), Jai Field (Wigan), Peni Terepo, Rhys Davies, Jaeman Salmon, Brad Takairangi (all unsigned)

Dylan Brown of the Eels.Dylan Brown of the Eels.

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      • I was Brett, but it appears nothing has come of it - YET?

        • Hayne

        • I never expected a major signing this summer, this summer was all about getting another preseason together and getting better collectively.

        • Yes I remember Col, anddddd still waiting. You had me hard up for a while.

  • We get a strike centre and we have a pretty sold squad. If the young blokes coming through play well it's game on. 

    Oldfield needs to be back up only, hopefully he proves me wrong but can't see him doing much damage. 

  • Opacic over oldfield. Papalii over lane.

  • How old is Oldfield and is centre his best position?

  • 1: C Gutherson 

    2: M Sivo

    3: W Blake

    4: B Ferguson 

    5: H Dunster

    6: D Brown

    7: M Moses

    8: Jr Paulo

    9: R Mahoney 

    10: R Campbell Gillard 

    11: S Lane

    12: R Matterson 

    13: N Brown


    14: I Papalii

    15: M Nuikore 

    16: O Kaufusi 

    17: J Lussick


    that would be my side.

    I would have Haze Dunster over Oldfield 

    and Ferguson back to the centre's 

    I went with J Lussick on the bench can cover hooker or in the Halves too.


  • If Fox reckons thats our best lineup for 2021, they are on the gear.

    Cartwright and Oldfield in the starting 17 - pllleasssse


This reply was deleted.

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