Only shit calls from the bunker, which has cost Souths two tries, is saving the Roosters from being totally humiliated, at the moment they are only humiliated. It was priceless to see the look on Robinsons face, the only thing missing was dribble coming from his mouth, fair dinkum, he is the dopiest looking coach going around. I'm just waiting for him to put his white helmet on and start licking the coaches box window. C'mon Souths, put a cricket score on them.

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  • Roosters shouldnt be current premiers anyway after the Raiders were robbed in the 2019 Grand Final. Bunnies would have to now be firmer favourites. Im glad the rorters got thrashed.

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  • I want us to play the the Storm, we owe those bastards .Nothing would be more satisfying then beating those pricks in a big game .

    If your worrying about who your opponents going to be next week you've already checked out.You have to beat at least three of the best to win the big dance , who gives a shit about the order.

  • Cock-a-fuckin-doodle-do!

    Wonder what the bush coach Trent Robinson has left in his arsenal now?? Clearly, the Roosters can't play the game of rugby league and are a complete myth.

    I can hear Hoops and co now! Roosters! Just making up the numbers in the finals!!

    Oh, wait...

    • All the doomsayers on here after our loss to the Rabbits - Frankie and co. banging on about how the professional Roosters team never have a big score put on them!!! Robbo, it really does sound like a Bush Coach's name doesn't it? Puts a lot of things in perspective and takes away a lot of the arguments that some of the people on here put up - big score against them, check - no idea how to defend out wide, check - even the one off bad game excuse is out the window, we couldn't use that, so neither can the Roosters now.

      • As they say Brissy, every dog has his day......have to admire your perseverance and the "taste" is there for you to enjoy.

        The word "humiliation" is something we probably all fear but after being on this forum it can certainly toughen you up.

        Mind went back to last year when Storm humiliated us and how it felt..... I said to my wife those Roosters supporters won't have felt this pain for a long time.

        For some of the younger people out there, I can remember when Easts were the perennial losers in the 60's and it just goes to show it happens to all teams .

        Hopefully our players will be encouraged to realise that can happen to anyone......and whilst you can gloat, be sure enough it will come around to your turn sometime eventually.......Broncs being a similar example his season.

        Let's stop for a minute and savour the moment and spare a thought for Frankie and what he must feel.

  • what a bum coach

  • I enjoyed this & I was wondering what would be said about this game. Lol 

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