Only shit calls from the bunker, which has cost Souths two tries, is saving the Roosters from being totally humiliated, at the moment they are only humiliated. It was priceless to see the look on Robinsons face, the only thing missing was dribble coming from his mouth, fair dinkum, he is the dopiest looking coach going around. I'm just waiting for him to put his white helmet on and start licking the coaches box window. C'mon Souths, put a cricket score on them.

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  • We wiin and get Melb first up , this smells ordinary 

    • Get it out of the way whilst we still have a second chance. Bring it on.

    • True premiers are capable for beating everyone.  Yep, game playing tactics on for sure, but we are either good enought or we are not.  I know that you know where I come from my long time mate.

  • I hope everyone writing off the season when they rabbits put 38 on us realise that their left side attack is lethal when on. The trick to beating the rabbits is to out enthuse them in the middle which we didn't do. 

  • Yeah I think the guy is overrated too.

    Can't see all the jizz flying around for the bloke - anyone can coach a side Choc full of internationals and SOO stars. 

    • Agree

  • Roosters season over .

  • AWESOME....loved it. CODY slays Rooters....

  • That was the same Rabbito's team that smashed us a few weeks back. Very impressive and great to watch, especially the part where they put 60pts on them!! That score will absolutely shatter the Rorters, let's hope it scars them for the finals.

    I'm glad Penrith are playing them next week because they will bounce back after that... but I'm not looking forward to playing the Storm in the finals. Not. One. Bit. 

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    • He looked like he was about to cry

This reply was deleted.

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