A THIRD Test star has admitted he received illicit money from the Sydney Roosters in brown paper bags.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a story that Kiwi legends Dane and Kurt Sorensen both confirmed that they moved to the Roosters from Cronulla for undeclared cash in the mid 1980s.

That prompted former Great Britain superstar Bobbie Goulding to call me from England this week to add fuel to one of league’s most talked-about rumours - that the Roosters allegedly paid players down the years in brown paper bags.

“Your story brought back memories of my experience with the Roosters when I came to the club for a short stint in 1991,” Goulding told me.

“I was just a kid and they made me a good offer to come over and play in Oz.

“I arrived at the airport and a couple of the lads picked me up and drove me to (club sponsor) City Ford.

“I’ll never forget it because I’d never had a car before. But it got better. One of the boys said to me ‘look in the glove box’.

“I did so - and there was en envelope with $1000 cash - which was a lot of money in those days.

“I thought it was a bit odd - but I wasn’t going to say no - I was a kid and didn’t know any better.”

For the next two weeks, Goulding claims he met a Roosters staffer and given further bundles of cash in bags.

But things quickly went sour for the Great Britain star.

“I wasn’t in first grade and after that third week, the money stopped coming,” he said.

“I told the club ‘If you don’t pay me next week, I am going home.

“I stayed three more weeks without getting paid, then got an offer from Leeds, and went home.”

Goulding claims the Roosters tried to smear his name after he left.

“They said I trashed my apartment, stole the TV and VCR and didn’t return the car,” he said.

“Look, I’m no angel and did some bad things in the past, usually on the drink.

“But what was I going to do with the TV and video player - take them on the plane?

“And as for the car, I got a mate to take it back.”

Goulding, something of a bad boy in his playing career, claims he is now a changed man.

“I wasn’t an alcoholic because I didn’t drink every day, but when I did drink, I binged and became a dickhead,” he said.

“I’ve been sober for eight years now and would love to get back into the game, hopefully in a coaching role.” 

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  • Mick is this a news article? interesting.

    • Mitchy it's website called league whistle 

      How credible it is I'm not sure mate

  • Bobby Goulding had the talent to be that very rare beast, an English raised halfback who could cut it in Australia. I remember the 94 Kangaroo Tour, 2nd Test @ Old Trafford and he threw a beautiful 30m cut out pass that unfortunatley went into Mal Meninga's arms. It gets past big Mal and its into the hands of Martin Offiah and Australia probably lose the Ashes after losing the First Test @ Wembley.

  • Its written by Tony Adams aka The Mole . I read the article about Dane Sorensen referred too above  it was quite enjoyable , he said Rooters coach at the time Laurie Freier had NFI and went back to Cronulla . 

  • LOL, You could have tapes of people on the take at the Roosters and the NRL will look sideways

    I remember when the police took a mobile phone from a Roosters player some years back as it had numbers from known drug dealers and phone calls to and from this phone and nothing ever come out of it.

  • I bet all clubs did it. Imagine if you could go back to the Broncos hay days where the whole team were internationals and re-examine their payments... I bet the Eels have been guilty of it too over the years. 

This reply was deleted.

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