Ref continually HELPING Crappamatta will it continue

Just wanted to get in first 


During the 1st minute of the game, everyone saw Kane Evens late head high tackle on Brisbane Broncos halfback Tom Dearden.


Normally a penalty would have occurred and I feel Kane Evens should have been given 10 mins in the bin. 


The focus was taken off the play due to Sivo Knocking out Tyson Gamble which to me was just an accident.


It's amazing how South Forward Jaydn Su'a tackle was given 10 mins in the bin, unlike Kane Evens late head high tackle was forgotten, due to the injury to Tyson Gamble. 


Don't forget Souths had the home ground advantage just like Crappamatta and the events of the sin-binning cost Souths the game as the dogs scored 2 tries during the 10 mins.


The pain continued for Brisbane in the 20th min as Clinton Gutherson forwarded pass to Blake Ferguson was missed.

Crappamatta has had the rub of the green on several occasions. 


1.Clinton Gutherson forwarded pass to Blake Ferguson opening try (Brisbane game)


2. Lanes forward pass to Sivo against NZ opening try


3. And who can forget the round 4 games against Manly Sea Eagles when  Reuben Garrick 78th min match-winning try was disallowed.


The referees admit they made a mistake disallowing the try costing Manly the game.


So with Crappamatta playing the tigers next week and the Tigers having there a home game at Parramatta Stadium.


Do the referees help the home team which is the Tigers to send off Beni with a win or will lady luck continue for Crappamatta. 








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  • U got ya name right vertical smile , cause u sound

    like u really are one with all the dribble u put on here 

  • Just wanted to get in first. SSSSSSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT UUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope they do 

    • Another 1eyedeel member has seen the light

      Just a few hundred to go.

      • Didn't say they do but I'd be happy if they did. 

      • "Just a few hundred to go"

        Sounds like VS Is back working at the brothel


  • Got deleted once, how's this dickhead allowed to post it again?? Just ban the cock smoker once and for all please, the site won't miss him that's for sure.

    • What wrong mate.

      It's not my problem you don't have the intellect to post  fantastic and informative blogs that are educating and enlightening by unbiased Crappamatta Supporter 

      • Like I've said before numb nuts, I lose more footy intelligence every morning in my regular shit than you'll ever possess. You know nothing about footy whatsoever and are only a shit stirring fool that thinks he's a smart arse. Trouble is, you're so ridiculous in the shit you post that nobody, not even the dumbest person on the planet, thinks that A) you're serious or B) You're being sarcastic. The shit you spew is that stupid it makes no sense, so here's a tip mate, I dunno if you're 6 or 60 but just piss off and leave the talk about footy on here to the sensible adults.

        • That's where you are wrong.

          1. Crappamatta always choke 

          2. Moses is Crap

          3. B.A. is a bush coach

          4. We are on a 34-year premiership drought

          5. We are going to lose to the tigers 



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