I have said all along that this Parra side is a about getting a position in the four...... That's about as good as we are at the moment.

I just watched the BA pressor and some film with the boys in a circle arm in arm. Nathan Brown was doing a fair bit of talking and the body language looked good.

I can't pick too many holes but the obvious one to me was that we exerted no pressure on the kicker......why not? is a question that needs to be asked.

The usual people will come up with the usual arguments.....I noticed someone wants to get rid of Kidwell......does anybody know enough about what he does and doesn't do for someone to actually  suggest that...... it seems we have all the critics but no answers when it comes to attack......Moses has one of the longest kicking games in the comp......but we never seem to get under them whereas our competition always seems under theirs!.......why is he not running.....I don't know?

Sivo is gone for the year, whatever he did to build himself up I am not sure of .....but he has lost all pace and power and of course confidence goes with that....

Field did a very good job and is an example of a very good attacking player not be able to attack because the opposition defence was so good...... please note you are only as good as the defence let's you. Ask Penrith  that, they had more ball to score tries than in any game I've seen this year, but we held them out with good defence, guess what? their's was better!....... That is why our attack failed along with the areas we discussed.

The reality with hooker is that Reed Mahoney is not the answer unless he does a lot of work on his pace....his service is fine but the elite hookers are the whole package.....we need harry grant!.....you will note I spoke about Reed and not the replacements used because what they offered was good effort but not the answer.

Stop blaming the coach unless you think you have a coach that is going to get more out of the same cattle......don't know anyone that is available that could do that with any certainty at the moment.

Time for the non supporters to start getting behind the team and treating them for what they are 4th in the comp....probably overachieved to do that....means a compliment to the coach and the players.

If you think they have underachieved then fine......but don't undermine what we are!

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  • We are all behind the Eels 100% Poppa but based on the last 2 months, we are gone and yes it's a coaching thing. You can see by the way a team plays how a coach is influencing them. Look at the bunnies at the moment under Bennet- incredible attack and defence and yet it appears our coach only works on defence. We will support them to the dire end and I'd love to see them smash it inThe finals but I can't see it right now. The team from the early rounds have left the building and BA has a big part in that. 

    • NZ Eel, all your points are noted......and mostly agreed BUT and I am getting sick of saying this.....tell me the actual games and the performances that excited you in the early rounds?

      The greatest misnomer is the early rounds,  Dogs (we ground it out) and Titans (ran away last 20, nothing special).

      We came back and played Bronc's (looked good) which was a false lead. After that tell me what impressed you and why.

      90% of Sivo's tries were give me's and ferg's scores nothing......if mennings and fergs were playing for souths they would have 15 each.

      Sorry you guys, we haven't gone backwards, we were never there from the beginning..... if you want to attack the coach, start there!

  • I'd like to know how many times this year the team has let a try in a few minutes before the end of a half? 
    12 points came in the last couple of minutes of each half last night. It's like they put in this awesome defensive effort then start thinking about the oranges  clock off lol 

    • Very good point Ross and worth noting.....it seems to me Gutho is the only one actually thinking.

  • I wish the lotto was as predictable as our attack pops because we'll all be laughing all the way to the bank. This is what i watched all game, Cleary will kick it to fergo or gutho, now take a stab in the dark  who takes the next 4 hit ups? And that's where they killed us, gang tackled us and kept us in our half all game.

    Is moses only job to kick on 5th and last because I like the kid but only time I saw him was kicking down field and for me, thats not good enough, our first or second set of the game I would like to see him take a hit up just to get himself into the game otherwise he can go missing. Maybe a season like this will put him down a peg.


    BA needs to man up and just give it to the refs in the presser, I understand he wants to put the onus on the playing group and that's admirable and I respect that but sometimes you need to flick that switch a little and say fuck it, doesn't have to be a massive blow up just something subtle, not saying its the ref's fault we lost because it weren't, but they were making the same ruck infringements we were getting stung for with no prevail, thats footy.

    Im not 100 percent sure what kidwell does, but another 41 missed tackles is alarming. Although our defence has improved tenfold, I think most of us just think BA needs some fresh coaching assistants and fresh ideas that come with them. Throw in an Attacking coach that can be in a bubble.


    Reedy is only young, and you dont necessarily need speed to be a good hooker, yeah sure cook and api have it in abundance. I personally don't think mahoney is an 80 minute hooker imo and he needs to develop a running game, if you watch Harry grant, cam smitch and api, they have this stutter, jink jink look left go right thing they do and people stop around them, it'll be cool if he can develop something like that and have that in his arsenal with his tackling, good service and kicking game. But his doing his job for us, he has a bright future. I like what will smith did for us lastnight, he did a great job and im no will Smith fan.



  • Yes I believe the coach is responsible to develop his players with his assistance that's his job and it's his job to put a game plan which we had non 

    as for a better coach ? I'll give you one tha can get the players play better brand of football, Brad Fittler I believe he should be offered the job I believe the team we have is a premiership winning team if we have the right coach .

    what we have seen from BA in 9 years of coaching is underdevelopment of junior players and lack of passion from him in every press conference not once he took a direct aim at the referees he's too scared to loose a few thousand dollars in fines well guess what? All the good coaches does it to take pressure from their team except BA try's to be diplomatic all the time.

  • 9 years without playing GF, not sure whom should we blame. This is ridiculous,  week after week out performance has degraded yet some people still rooting for bush coach....it baffles me how we have accepted the mediocrity...no doubt we can't win s*** ..

    • do we have to blame someone?

    • In hindsight as you all know Hayne got Eels there in 2009. What a waste because of ego and money ? 

  • From the point of view of Parra's chances at winning a GF last night was probably the most depressing game I watched this year. 

    Penrith tackled harder, ran faster , ran harder, their passing was crisper, Penrith won the territory game all night and looked more organised. Penrith got into position faster, often it took Parra 3 or 4 tackles to all get back on side (yes I am looking at you Shaun Lane) whereas the panthers seemed to only take 1 or 2 tackles (at most).

    The telling stat for me was the yardage made: Penrith 2274; Parra 1352. 

    While there was plenty of  effort,  we don't look as fit as and we just aren't as good as Penrith, Storm or the Roosters. 


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