• This is going nowhere, I'm going for a shit and a run.

                    • Bennett, Bellamy and Robinson are all unavailable. Who else is there that is a tried and proven coach, and no, not Flanagan, he's a myth. I'm all for change if it's for the right reasons, but going to another rookie coach or someone below us is stupid, is that too hard to understand? If I can't call people dickheads for suggesting "any coach, just anyone has to be better" then when can I call them dickheads??? 

                      If you think we're going to be better off with another rookie coach, good luck to you, but changing a coach who has his limitations but seems to be finally understanding the role and adapting just because you don't like him is STUPID. 

                      And all the people suggesting we cannot win it with BA, well how do they know we'll win it with someone else, it's as stupid to suggest we can't as it is to suggest we can with a change - in fact moreso I would suggest as history has proven since 1986 that changing coaches has been a wonderful result for us.

                    • Have fun, good response.

                    • Again, your opinion doesn't negate someone elses. 

                    • Lol, nice one Ads!! I'm going for a shit and a ride. 30-50k westerleys in Sydney - should be fecking brutal. I'm just gonna be like Molema and peddle the feck out of it for a few hours :)))


                    • A baseless, uninformed statement is not an opinion.

                    • Spot on, but that's your opinion so I'll respect it.

                    • Nope with them it's thee echo chamber it's rinse wash repeat the same shit.

                      Also very few of them have anything realistic that looks to be a better solution so why not call them out on it.

                      PS Greggs is one of these hit and run dopes has very little good to say but likes casting plenty of stones in glass houses.

                    • Blowing it’s ass off here as well. Stay safe and upright, don’t do a Froomey.

                    • Haha normally I would go for a run first to help that turd get ready to pop it's head out....but I guess I can understand that it's probably better running on empty.

This reply was deleted.

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