Qualifying Final Team List v Storm

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. D Brown

7. Moses

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. N Brown




14. Smith

15. Davey  

16. Evans 

17. Niukore




18. Stone  

19. Takairangi

20. Kaufusi 

21. Alvaro


IN: M Jennings, D Brown, RCG, Niukore

OUT: Takairangi, Alvaro, Kaufusi


Referee: Ashley Klein

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  • Klein is the best new generation referee in the game imo, he's sharp, fair and won't let Melbourne get away with 7 meter line. I know few mates who grew up with him he's a hills lad.

    Naming Nelson at lock it's pretty obvious Melbourne are going to try and bash us with their big forwards. We need to spread the ball and gas the heavy Melbourne pack to stand a chance. 

    Can we give Manu Mau a call he would of been perfect for us off the bench with his fearless aggression. 


    • Agreed with this.

      Early shifts early kicking like we've been doing making there big fowards move and turning them around will be key.Selective off loading.

      Ball movement which we have engaged in the last few weeks is about on the money if we are a chance against Melbourne.

  • Pass when it's on, only. Look to off load and belt the living shit outta cock head every time he touches ball. Don't let him run, nothing.

  • Can’t afford to go one out. The Drizzle eat that up. Last week was good- numbers around the ball carrier so the line can’t compress as much.

    Love this time of year. Hoping for a win and week off to freshen up. It’s the hope what gets you.

  • The only way we get up is if a referee FINALLY makes the storm get back 10 in defence and penalises them every time they go early. Might be a 37-1 Penalty count, But that's what's needed. 

    • Want to bet who'll be penalised 1st for inside the 10??? Guarantee their not wearing purple...

  • Good side.

    only changes I would make is Davey to start, Lane to bench, Alvaro over Evans.

    storm has a big forward pack.

    if I was Moses and brown I would be kicking early into the corners, and chasing hard, turning there big forwards around all game. We need a lot of 2nd phase play and spread the ball to the edges, give Jennings and Blake early ball, our defence needs to be a lot better around the ruck, and defence needs to slide better out wide.

    • I agree with all this but hope we don't fall into the trap we have at times in the past two months of plaing too laterally, too early. Still need to go forward but with numbers around the ball carrier. 

  • No huge surprises. Interesting to see Smith and Davey have overtaken Stone and Kaufusi in BA's top side when for the bulk of the season it was the other way around. Obviously looking to attack. Stone and Kaufusi no nonsense defensive players. Whilst Smith adds more attacking skill and Davey has an occasional offload in him.

    Lets get em boys. Us fans deserve to get one over the storm in the finals after ALL these years.

    2019 - storm 32 nil

    2017 - storm 18-16

    2009 - storm cheated

    2007 - storm cheated

    2006 - storm 12-6

    1999 - storm 18-16






    • Should also note under 2017 - ref cheated (Storms forward pass try)

This reply was deleted.

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